Our religion has failed us? Or have we failed it? Lord knows we have failed our nation and our constitution. Our wickedness permeates all functions of our society. Where are the leaders of our churches right now? Pass the plate the Baby Jesus needs some quick cash, opps never mind Father Martin is the basement with little Johnny…. oooohhh my why is little Johnny on his knees, God Bless you Father Martin.

What the fuck has happened to us and our Nation? The secret to remaining sane throughout the upcoming upheaval is Understanding things have been fucked up for thousands of years, the human condition has never changed, we have been fucking, screwing and murdering each other for a very long time. Wrap your mind around the fact we are evil sons of bitches, and we are fixing to start a whole new campaign of glory.

Glory for the Baby Jesus … hand me my fucking ammo please, understanding what we are and what we have been for a very long time will help you with what is coming and what you must do, give me another hallelujah. Preacher Dan needs another Rolex and Jesus wants you to be wealthy, so load some twenties into the copper plate, or else your soul goes straight to hell.

We are a warring tribe us humans, don’t ever forget it. Trust no one and keep your powder dry, quit worrying about the future, blood, blood makes the grass grow. We are the cockroaches of the terra, I am sure there is some good in a few of us…. I have yet to find it, after all the treasure hunt is never supposed to be easy. Come join the treasure hunt, help me if you will… after all the human condition has changed? Has it not?

Fret no more about the structural changes the Chocolate Jesus is making, enjoy the upheaval, it’s in our DNA, we can’t possibly pass up a opprotunity to hack each other to pieces in the streets, keep buying that ammo… you are going to need it. 

I have to run, confession is scheduled for this afternoon. I wonder how many Hail Mary’s Father Martin will make me say? Bless me father I have sinned…. and I am fixin to sin a WHOLE FUCKING BUNCH.

Please…. do not get me started on the JOOOS, you might not want to see semi nude pics of a few Rabbis, on the other hand never mind, I happen to know a few out there that might enjoy such eye candy.




  1. bill, “you just ain’t right”,lol….sheeeit, I might have to go Catholic…..the ole joke, “what kind of pussy can a Priest have?……Nun

  2. “Organized” religion has become a farce. Too many “rock ‘n’ roll preachers” out there telling folks they will be RICH if they just fork it over for JAYZUS! Halleluja brotha! Can I get an AMEN?! True moral values come from the family, and the family is nearly extinct due to the commie (re)education that’s been going on for decades. Big Brother is your Daddy. It’s okay to turn in your father for “child abuse” because he spanked your ass. Fuck the man in a divorce, regardless of who initiated it or why. Man= bad. Woman= good. Time for “reparations” for the keeping down of women from their rightful place of power and influence. Just like the blacks want reparations for slavery which no man alive today imposed upon them. Yes, the white man must PAY for the misdeeds of generations gone by! Because the natural order has been perverted. Don’t see horses fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage…

  3. Nice tits

    And to think being religious has NOTHING to do with a damned church! But you wouldn’t know it by the organized Tax Loophole that we have. And that is just what it is, a tax loophole looking for someone with a big dick to stick in it. We haven’t had a high powered religious scandal since Tammy Fay and Her pimp husband (I won’t mention the Catholic issues as I don’t consider most of the Priests in service to be ‘leaders’ in any sense, there for not worth mentioning except to say there is a special place for them in hell)

    The paradigm is shifting. What we will see on the other side (those that make it) will look NOTHING like what we have today, and all I can say about that is “Good!”, ’cause what we have is not what I believe in.

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