16 thoughts on “TAX FREE WHISKEY

  1. How much whiskey do you drink anyway? Nice idea, but what if you like drinking 18 year old stuff? In 18 years, I am not sure that I’ll care about starving the beast all that much.

  2. Purty still! And last week is a damn fine vintage, fuck that 18 year old stuff. Burn whiskey in a tiller?!!! BILL!! Yer wasting precious resources!!! : )

  3. Ok ok, I get it. Yup, I could pay off that TIG in just a couple of stills if I chose to run that route. Let me get my shit down to Texas and see how things roll with finding an income to get said TIG first. (and of course, finding a supplier of 14 gauge copper sheet)

    And it ain’t all about the ‘sippin whiskey’ either. Think about the fuel aspects for farm equipment. It may take more work to get that level of purity but with the right fuel lines, you have a replenishing supply of fuel, without all the damned taxes they place on the stuff from the pump.

    Be rebellious, it is our nature and our destiny

    • Dio, if you can TIG there is a SHITLOAD of work down here. Aluminum fabricators seem to come and go like changing drawers, but boaters and boat builders are ALWAYS looking for a good aluminum guy. If you can take it mobile, there’s a bunch of rich fuckers with big boats that have marlin towers which crack all the time. Be Johnny on the spot and do good work, and your rep will increase quick. Then again you’ll find plenty of the same work in the SA and Austin areas. Lotsa oil money starting to flow recently, and those guys love boats and fishing…

      • Sadly, I have zero experience with Aluminum (shocking I know! Considering my background with casting) To boot, I haven’t a TIG. YET. I have every desire for one as the welds are so much better than simple arc or MIG. (and for those “officially sanctioned” welders out there, I do know that it goes by GMAW and TGAW. Same shit different acronym) I have used TIG for stainless and other things so it isn’t new to me. The real downside is the cost of the units. A simple rig that I could haul around would run me over $1500 and that doesn’t include the gas or tungsten rods or other accessories needed to do the jobs right. Will see how things work out for me when I get to Texas.

          • Ayup! The thing about me though, If I get one, I would happily go through several tanks of gas to learn the trade, Considering it a worthwhile investment instead of a loss (Even though it is a loss)
            Just went window shopping and found a Lincoln (prefer Miller though) that does both AC and DC TIG work with a starting price of 1800 . Toss in an 80 cuft bottle of Argon and I am lookin at over 2000 and that is just to get the package (an 80 for portability, would prefer a 150 or bigger for a shop setup.)

  4. A lifetime of watching honest men get fucked by the system while punk ass bitches get fat at the public trough.Those cocksuckers send us out to die and think nothing of it.Honor the troops?how do you get that from people with no Honor? All this talk of lines being crossed,my line has been crossed so many times there is no more line.Can not talk for others but the fight for my freedom is on.Sorry it took me so long.

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