I am sitting here knockin back a few whiskey’s after work, I am trying real hard to imagine things being different, and I am struggling. My rage is gone and what has replaced the anger is very dark, vengeance can’t be a good thing, yet it’s all that is left inside is a powerful want of vengeance.

I understand all too well what is coming, it can’t come fast enough for me. There has been a very dormant rage in this nation for some time, and now the Negroes feel it’s time for payback, the chocolate Jesus will see to it. When the burning and the looting starts THIS time, it will not be the same… the same? This time whitey is going to start shooting and protecting what is his.

We have taken a back seat in the past when the Negro race decided to take its vengance, there are no alternate paths this time…. why? Because we will not allow it, this is the thinly veiled secret the Negro sheeple don’t understand, their poverty pimps understand completely that we are not going to stand for it….. understand yet?????

It’s called check mate, and the African POTUS knows this all to well, it is part of his master plan. The cities are going to burn, the negro violence against whites has already begun, you say it won’t get out of hand… the authorities will be able to contain it just as they did in the past, no, not this time.

What is coming down the pike is sexy, it’s thrilling , it’s exhilarating… it’s a full on rush. The smoke will billow from the burnt cities, the media will continue to spin the lies, we have never lived in such exciting times… it’s going to be ugly and devastating… yet we are watching and participating in epic times, it is RAW ,and it will be unharnessed . The fact that the Negroes will be confronted this time will only exasperate their willingness to continue to burn, rape and steal.

There is no turning back at this point, the blacks also understand this, bone up on your history on South Africa, violence is coming are you prepared? There should be not one person in our community that does not have a grasp on what I am writing here today. I expect zero comments, I understand just how inflammatory this subject is. I won’t go into the details of what I have been witnessing out there, you all already know.

The last of the power grab sits before us like an afternoon matinée, pay no attention to the sparklies taking place over at the Supreme Court proceedings, it was meant to be a distraction, good fucking lord folks the progressives have had over fifty fucking years to prepare that argument, and they didn’t even practice, as it was intended.

Stay safe and keep your eyes peeled.

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  1. Gonna be real interesting to see the looks on those dumb white folks faces when they suddenly realize all those poor ghetto blacks aren’t their ‘brotha’s’.
    I remember 40 yrs ago being told in the USMC how they was gonna kill us and fuck our women when the revolution started. Most of them have very poor math skills, they just don’t understand how outnumbered they are. Yeah, it’s getting real ugly soon.

    • Race war.

      I remember speaking to a fellow camping couple at Camp Pendleton around 1997. They were both officers in the Marines and very congenial. Somehow race came up, and both their faces completely changed from being friendly to angry and stating that it was most definitely coming. Surprised me at the time.

      • I live with a highly educated black woman(2 masters degrees), taught at Purdue, who grew up in WY and Minn., yet she buys into all this race war shit from the media too. Even the home front is changing.
        I wonder how things will go down in the military, we used to get along in uniform, in civvies it was another story.
        Anybody remember the ‘Jungle’ in Olongapo?

        • Anybody remember the ‘Jungle’ in Olongapo?

          I heard of it. Never got down there as I went from Saigon on TDY to Clark twice for school and Manila where I received Cobalt treatment. Manila and Angeles City were all I needed.:) The most beautiful girl I ever met was Annette of 275 Laguna, Angeles City. Memories.

          • The ‘Jungle” was a section in Olongapo where the blacks went, they made it clear that if a white boy entered, he was history.
            Nothing much has changed, we all put up with each other, but really learning to get along and integrate is just fantasyland. Too many have an inbred hatred for something they don’t even remember or know of.
            As for me, I’ve always tried to treat everyone as a fellow human, but I’m so fuk’n sick of every minority/oppressed group telling me I should develop a guilt complex for what happened to them ages before I was born. Fuck ’em, time to move on.

            • Ages before THEY were born. And should THEY be guilty because their own countrymen sold them off??

            • blacks have been “emancipated” for almost 150 fucking years….civil rights has been around for almost 50 years….in the meantime, equally “oppressed by da white devil” minorities have come to America by the droves and lapped the majority of blacks so many fucking times in the race to the top that there is no longer a race to speak of.

  2. The shit is hitting the fan right here in my back yard, in Sanford FL. Believe me, I know what you’re talking about. The NBP’s are talking about sending a small army of Panthers (armed, of course) to exact revenge on the “white community” and have even offered a $10K bounty on George Zimmerman. Do you think if we offered a similar bounty on Al Sharpton, we’d get into any trouble?

    Locked & loaded here in Central Florida!

    • I have seen photos of the wanted posters, and I have seen pic of some low life with dark skin wearing a tee with a photo of zimmerman on it and the caption “Punk Ass Honky”. In the interest of racial equality and justice, I would like to see wanted posters with photos of various members of the NBPP starting with Mikhail Muhammed captioned “Wanted Dead or Alive — Preferably Dead”, and tee shirts captioned “Jive Ass Nigger” with photos of NBPP, Spike Lee, Rev. Al. All in the name of racial equality, you understand
      Because like you, I’m getting damned tired of racist blacks whining and banging their sippy cups about the racist whites. Mom always taught me “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

  3. Southeast Louisiana multi-cutural pot has been simmering for about 50 years and Johnson’s intergration experiment is at the boiling point….all near my age have reached the point of enough is enough…we have seen our beautiful little rural towns turned into ghettoes and no where else for white flight…it’s stand your ground time from this point on… like a bad storm approaching, the high lightning is already on us, soon the thunder will roll…

  4. A war along racial lines is one of the dumber reasons to fight.

    But, if they want to be dumb…ok. I’ll defend myself against anyone who wants to be dumb. The sad thing is that the average guy in the hood doesn’t understand how much f’n richer guys like Jesse Jackson will get if it gets ugly along racial lines.

    They are pawns, Useful Idiots.

    But if they mean to have a war…


    Bill: Diggin’ the new look at take-no-prisoners attitude. I think everyone is coming to the same conclusion, finally: The time for talking is over. All that’s left is the screamin’…

  5. I agree, the coming rodeo will have racial components to it.
    I wish I could do something for my BIL and nephews, worthy Americans who are black, 1200 miles away from me with my sister. My BIL was one of the 5% of blacks who voted against zero in 2008, and there’s no way he’ll vote for zero this time either. I would hate like hell to see my sister’s family get killed for their skin color.

      • I live in a very small town in WY, people here aren’t too bad, but in the event of a racial war, even the local rednecks might get ugly. Some of these white boys could get their asses handed to them on a platter. We border the Indian reservation, with it’s already high crime rate. And like most minorities, the Indians value “tribe”, something that most whites don’t understand. Irish, yes, football teams, yes, but just plain ‘Tribe’, no fukn way! Look how quick the blacks or latinos are to riot, white people just stand around wondering what the fuck is going on. Always waiting for the cops to show up, they just can’t quite seem to understand that it’s time for some self initiative. May be our own undoing.

        • Tribe is what PATCOM is trying (successfully) to build. Some of us white guys get it… Tribe and “self initiative”. It’s coming together…

  6. What in your extreme opinion will become of the conservative and right wing blacks….professionals…veterans…farmboys….business owners and the like who are caught between the politcs of race, social mobility and economics? If every black neighborhood had people like my neighbors (The Walkers) living across the street from me…there would be a waiting list for whites wanting to move in.

    I know these types of Blacks are too far between and too few to offset the damage caused by the majority of black sheeple…I also know that half of them will be unable to pick a side if and when the nigger-apocalypse kicks-off….but should we abandon like-minded conservative blacks to their fate???

    What do you think? And please don’t hold back.

    • We should absolutely not abandon conservative blacks, that was part of my point. If it is feasible, take Mr. Walker shooting with you some weekend soon and bring up the subject of prepping. If he’s the man you think he is, he’s far more your comrade in this fight than the overmortgaged TV-watching blond guy down the street with the 0bama sticker. Make it easy for Mr. Walker to pick your side. Tell your white friends.
      The racists on our side won’t like it, but they will keep quiet if they are clearly in the minority.
      This is really going to suck.

  7. Simplification of target acquisition is one thing about this whole scheduled event. I’ve got one of my supervisors that is a hard core conservative fellow, who just happens to have dark skin. And he’s ready for this party to start, from our side. Myself? I’d be overjoyed to see the sort I picture, looking like the NBPP, or saggin’ ass wiggers particularly. I know some good persons of dark complexion, and I know some jive ass niggers. All I have ever sasked of anyone is to have a brain, show some intelligence, I will respect you. You want to play the jungle bunny? I’ve got lots of rabbit recipes.

  8. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with what is coming…

    …until that S.O.B. shooting at you makes it about skin color. Or religion. Or whatever monthly cramp he’s having that day.

    It’s about living free at Liberty, and those who would force others to bust their humps so they can have their pay stolen and redistributed to those who refuse to work. It is that f’n simple. I do not bust my ass 70 hours each week so that I can help buy food or pay the cell phone bill of some person who gets it free from “The Government”, and I don’t give a damn what color that person is, or what sex.

    There will be rainbows of skin color on both sides.

    This has nothing to do with skin color. The Free Shit Army is made up of more Whites than Blacks, just run through any suburb in America and see how many homes collect Government checks. The problem is that professional race-baiters have worked for their entire careers to keep “Poor Blacks” separated physically and economically from the rest of society for their own perverse reasons.

    Sadly, when this erupts the way professional haters like Sharpton and Jackson hope, the mobs of Poor Blacks will unleash the rage they have been told and force-fed their entire lives by reaching out at “Whites” who, they have been told, are the souce of their ills.

    And the middle-income/upper-income Blacks living in the suburbs – they will not be accepted by the inner-city mobs unless they make their bones.

    It ain’t about the color of the skin of the man trying to kill you – unless he is motivated by skin color when he pulls the trigger.


    • Thank you for that Kerodin III…..you put it out there in a statement clear enough to say it all… and short enough to memorize.

      I’m clear now….

    • My girlfriend is black. She’s loved by the whole town, a minister on the Indian Res, my elk hunting partner and shooting buddy, preps like crazy ; and then buys into the racist media propaganda. Baffles the shit out of me. It’s like it grows in the genes.

  9. A race riot? Crap…all their neighboorhoods are surrounded now. They can riot in their own neighborhoods like the Watts riots in L.A. Tear it up, burn it down but don’t come in the white A.O.’s.
    Don’t bring your racial ideas when you come into our area we don’t need them. If you have the nerve to fight the enemy, pull-up beside me and share my ammo, we have protection to worry about.
    Now, I’ve have to concencrate in finding a “Race Baiter” to put it my crosshairs. ahhhhhh, deep breath, hold it, squeeze……BOOOOM!

  10. Arguments about race have always and will always be a distraction for those of us willing to really believe them to be close to the truth. The same goes for political platforms and discussions in our country….The only people who are likely to benefit from such a distraction or division of our nation, especially when it would behoove us as a country to unify, only see one “color”. And that color is green… But i don’t know boys, its only been a few years since this mulatto done had any book learnin’, so damn. Double BOOM.

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