A few considerations this morning, perhaps we should first be reminded the pleasure always takes precedent, you will get used to the smell of the carion…. it grows on you. I will link the article at the end of the post, first I would like to cherry pick a few quotes from the article, stay with me on this it will make sense, and no I do not expect anyone to agree to the premise the Chocolate Jesus is his son, although it is plausible.

I would like to also mention the piece was written just prior to the General Election in 2008, this is important because it allows us to filter out much of the bullshit that is out there today. The quotes are to make a point, they are not necessarily in sequential order.

Draw your own conclusions, the logic cannot be denied, it’s very important to REMEMBER this was written November 4th, 2008, we are fucked…. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? We are FUCKED.

Now I am going to attempt to drive Ms. Daisy home….. The past three and a half years what have we witnessed from this POTUS and his administration…… Take the lessons of the past three plus years and apply it to this article, reverse engineering…. do you get it now? Understand what is coming and prepare.

2012 he will be re-elected, they will burn the bitch down to the ground one way or another.

“If I had a son he would look like Trevon”  Do you understand? Now ask yourself why is Sharpton the chosen antagonist to head to Florida to whip the natives into a feeding frenzy?

“In 1964, the year before his death, Malcolm gave an address, “Ballots or Bullets” (audio available here) in which he urged African Americans to turn away from violence and create revolutionary change through the US electoral system.”


“If the O is in fact an X, and wins the red, white and blue tic-tac-toe on Tuesday to become the President and Command in Chief of the United States then, truly, America’s chickens will have come home to roost.”


“Obama Senior was murdered in Kenya in 1982”


“What did come out in the ensuing weeks, however, was a litany of unexplained facts in Obama’s youthful history, of help from strangers in high places all along the way, benefactors who had either Arab-Muslim or Communist-Socialist connections”


 “Influential black nationalist and Communist Frank Marshall Davis would become a huge influence in the young Obama’s life.”


“the revelation that Khalid al-Mansour, close adviser to a Saudi billionaire and the Saudi royal family, was instrumental in helping Obama get into Harvard Law School (and reportedly Columbia before that), financing his education and advancement.”


“How in the world would Percy Sutton know that Obama, a young man he had never met, was a “genius”? Why would he say that he met all of the qualifications to be president of the law review, even before he was admitted to the school? One possible clue: It turns out that Sutton was among the lawyers for Malcolm X.”


“Then there were the revelations about Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadette Dohrn —

More substantially, there was Antoin “Tony” Rezko, the Syrian born real estate wheeler-dealer and convicted racketeer, who helped Obama raise his first campaign funds and assisted him financially, and even facilitated his home purchases.”


“Why did all of these important scholars and ideologues, fundraiser and networkers, these millionaires and billionaires – especially from the Arab and Islamic world, and extreme socialist and communist party activists — reach out to help this unknown, undereducated young man, many before Obama was anybody of known importance? Was it just that he was tall and handsome and bright, with a silver tongue?”


“But Schultz concludes his post by pulling his punches a bit: “While Malcolm X may not be Obama’s biological father, Malcolm X is demonstrably Barack Hussein Obama’s philosophical father, and the lineage is undeniable! Obama Jr. was sired in the social soup stirred by Malcolm X.”


“If indeed Obama is not just Malcolm’s spiritual son but his biological one as well, it would represent the realization of a lifelong preparation to seize power, not by guns but by genes, and the genius of Obama’s handlers, mentors and assistants along the way who prepared his path to power.”


“why this “illegitimate” baby, and later this young man – a druggie and underachiever — would have had paved for him the royal road to privilege and power, paid for his Ivy League education, got him jobs and a home, raised millions of dollars for his political career, got him selected to address the DNC in 2004, got him into the senate in 2006, and led him straight to where he is today, just two years hence, on the verge of the US presidency, powered by hundreds of millions of untraceable overseas contributions.”


In the minds of the leftist and Islamic leaders, he is the heir to the throne of “freedom fighters”, the revolutionary prodigal son – heir to legacy of black powers and black Islam — come home to rule.”


  1. I dont dare if it rains or freezes long as I got my chocolate Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car…
    embrace the suck

  2. care I say care, fuck u netnannys
    been raining harder than a cow pissing on a flat rock for 2 days,could get interesting.

  3. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    This is some absolutely superb, deep thought stuff. Stuff that should have been MUCH more closely reviewed, and broadly spread, PRIOR TO THE ELECTION IN ’08. Keep it in mind for this year. Take this and make it VIRAL!

  4. Welcome to the world of Obamugabe. Just need to revisit the history of Rhodesia’s transition from the breadbasket to the basketcase of Africa to realize the ultimate goal of the current redshed occupant.

  5. Gotta admit there sure is a resemblance! Oh, and they look similar too… Yeah, fucked pretty well sums it up. I was gonna do some much needed work on my truck with the extra money I’ll be making this month, but I do believe it’s time I get me a little something to keep in my pocket and some extra mags to go with it. My revolver is a might slow to reload…

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