It’s Sunday, let’s just see where the winds take us today. The rock keeps spinning and as we become long in the tooth…. we are supposed to become wise, exponentially as the days pass. This is not the case for many that cohabitate with us, this is a fact, I will not bore you this early in the morning with the IQ stats of our nation, yet the truth will snatch you bald.

There should be zero arguments on the subject, you happen to know this as the truth, we try not to discuss the matter down here in the deep south, it’s not considered polite. We are frothing at the mouth because the Poverty Pimps and THEIR POTUS are artfully and brilliantly out maneuvering the supposed conservatives and THEIR base.

There is a reason so many of us have split from our own Conservative PIMPS and their spin machine…. Romney, folks give me a fucking break, we all know the primary books are being cooked and Ron Paul is being cheated of his rightful place. Instead of outrage within our ranks and on our streets we sit and pontificate about Gun Walker and Treyvon. We are such a bright bunch.

Both sides of the spectrum are being raped and abused, this is why we have such a hard time educating the sheep, it’s not because of lack of determination or trying, it takes much work and deep thought to understand the overwhelming fraud and manipulation. Our Nation has one remaining political opportunity to take our nation back and enforce our liberties and Constitution, yet we won’t or can’t do a damn thing about it, Ron Paul should be the next POTUS, it’s not going to happen folks.

There are many levels of ignorance and entrapment, the shackles cannot be unhinged until the mind is set free, the preconceived boundaries of ones mind is the ignorance. Freedom is there waiting, all one has to do is reach for it, it’s that basic.

I sit here this morning a free man and an outlaw, yet I am a free…. are you?

Send the kiddies by for some free candy, just have them knock on the van door. The Pimps are playing a dangerous game….. both sides are culpable, do you need a playbook?

5 thoughts on “FREE CANDY

  1. In the eyes of the “Thought Police” I, too, am an Outlaw. in my mind I am a free man. I just can’t figure out how to pick the lock on these chains that seem to holding me from becoming a complete free man. But I’m getting there. Momma didn’t raise a pussy, I’ve taken’ my knocks and have given’ many out…..but I’m getten’ there.

    • Picking the lock is easy. Toss the “passive income” bills like phone, cable, electricity, city water/sewer… A piece of land with well, septic, prepaid cell, and rabbit ears (if you can still stand to watch the boob toob)… Garden, critters, a still, and some cash and carry trade to pay for those things you can’t provide for yourself through your own works, barter, trade…. Well I say it is easy. But not so much if you’re trapped in a suburban hell with a mortgage or rent and living hand to mouth with a family to feed. Then it’s a bitch to break free…

  2. My freedom is coming. I have the chains off, just have to make it past the fence now.

    very soon.

    LOL funny what a house on wheels does for my outlook. The possibles of where I end up are getting outrageous.

  3. Jamie, give me a hollar a few days before you roll, like for you and Jack to stop by for a spell, might even gather a few local like minded for a talk…schedule is hectic right now, just depends when you headin out…

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