When you are a child you are indoctrinated into the system, no they do not hand you a crack pipe from the get go. The masters are too wise, there are far too many years of revenue needed from you to burn you up too quickly. The crafty fuckers begin with Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, it’s all part of the indoctrination to keep you as a slave for your entire life.

Can’t get a decent paying job without a 80,000 dollar dept for four years of boozing and fucking, of course we are made to feel guilty by our Pimps of the clothe, yes do what we say or else…. straight to hell for you just ask Constantine, and his council of Nicea, surely the New Testament was compiled by God himself and not by kings and nobles, I am sure very little cherry picking took place.

I am a christian, I am not bashing my religion.. merely identifying those in charge have manipulated history for thousands of years, kings, religions, politicians have all been hard at work to keep you enslaved and ignorant. So many lies,nothing that you have been taught is the truth, this should be evident.

The MERRY LEADERS have fucked us from day one, there is no way out of our current predicament, expand your grey matter and contemplate… things have never really changed, nor will they.

Time to strap on the tin foil for a few minutes of woo woo, if the bastards state it does not exist, it is a lie. I feel very strongly that life does exist beyond our spinning rock, there is so much physical evidence to support this argument, we have seen it, we know it exists. Yet the Merry Leaders to this day state other wise. Humanity has recorded the visitations for centuries, this can’t be disputed.

We are on cruising down a path of no return, you will have to forgive my cynical nature, I possess no better critical thinking skills than my fellow-man, I just happen to use mine.

Please continue ticking off the days in your cells, if you run out of chalk just holler.


  1. I have no doubt most of the brainwashed fuckers will fire on us. They’re kids with raging hormones and visions of Rambo dancing in their heads, for the most part. They do not know history, nor are they capable of critical thinking (or else they would not have enlisted). I was there. You were there. We know what the answer is. Our only hope lies in the senior NCOs who some of which may have figured out the lies, and may persuade the young bucks against committing acts that will result in their certain death. But given Katrina, I’m not holding my breath. And they’re not too worried about blowback…

  2. Some will, some will not. Doesnt matter. Treat anything opposing your efforts as the enemy. Simple as that. No wringing of hands and knashing of teeth in the shit. The shit is the shit. And people, even you and your kids, will die in the shit. The deal is to make them die first. that is how you win.

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