Sam had a fine post yesterday, I did not catch it until this morning. Not too sure if the complaint dept. was rather busy or if it had to do with something else. Sam’s statements are true, it’s sad that the Frat boy’s still don’t get it. All I can say is if you inbreeds have something you want to say to me….. say it, don’t go over to Sam and cry like little bitches.

Again I am not sure as to why the subject was brought up… and no I am not going to ask Sam, you see I am not like many of you that need to whisper in secret e-mails and cry like little girls. Knowing Sam from reading his blog, he would not have broached the subject just because he had nothing else better to do ( he is a busy man) it leads me to the only logical conclusion… crybabies are pissing their diapers.

Sam was also right in saying I don’t give a fuck about what you may or may not think of me, it’s simple, silly Frat boys it has not been a week in my new place… and the crybaby crap has started already.

                                  Enjoy a hearty glass of Panther Piss fellas.


6 thoughts on “PANTHER PISS

  1. That cry baby shit started day one! I saw a comment over at Pete’s place about (paraphrased) “Something must of set off the bull” .

    Dunno ’bout most people but I would rather the spit and grit of truth than the pandering of political bullshit anyday. Hell, the idea of the Freefor, or so I thought, was to get AWAY from all that shit and live FREE. If I have to constantly watch my six because I may have offended some cretin fratboy, ,,
    Living free means living on your own terms, so long as you aren’t encroaching on someone else’s freedom or life. If I have to baby the fuck next to me, than I am not living free.

  2. Fuk it, If someone is for FREEDOM i am with ’em no matter their other faults. We can argue about other shit after we destry tyranny.

    • Allow me… The frat boys are those armchair “patriots” with nothing better to do than stroke each other off and belittle others who don’t “fit their mold” of what they think a “patriot” should be. Frat boys are “gear queers” who get all hot and bothered over tricked out ARs, milsurp stuff, pallets of MREs, high end bunkers and stuff. They only associate within their little circle, and come unglued when their heroes are questioned…

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