Apparently some view my ramblings as OFFENSIVE, Good! Because I don’t give a fine fuck, a few of the frat boys seem to think I don’t meet their moral standards… again I don’t give a flying fuck!

Yes the slippery slope of the Sopesy dogma lives on, there will be those so-called MERRY LEADERS that will constantly sit in judgment of others… because we are not pure enough for them. I know there are still some of the Sopsey Puritans that have a HUGE sore butt because of what I did, again… don’t give a rats ass.

If you prefer a more refined atmosphere… then keep your sorry asses out of here and don’t let the door hit you in your butt sore asses.

Let’s put something to bed shall we? I asked many, many times if what I was writing was lies and fabrications, if so, somebody please prove me wrong.. and you know what? Not a single one of you Che worshippers could do it… and why? Because it was the truth and I backed it up. 

I had the fortitude and the courage to take a stand against a bully and a tyrant, I make ZERO apologies. I will state again…. me and my three followers. Get it? The truth shall set you free Frat Boys. Now head over to the Che Punch Bowl and get you a big glass and enjoy.

Also for the record Curtis My frat boy reference had nothing to do with you, my post had zero to do with the comments left at Sam’s post. My words on the matter were in reflection as to what Sam wrote, I made it quite clear, so sorry you are so confused, but we both know what this is about don’t we?  Shall I re-post my words for you?

Again I am not sure as to why the subject was brought up… and no I am not going to ask Sam, you see I am not like many of you that need to whisper in secret e-mails and cry like little girls. Knowing Sam from reading his blog, he would not have broached the subject just because he had nothing else better to do ( he is a busy man) it leads me to the only logical conclusion… crybabies are pissing their diapers

9 thoughts on “MY PLACE MY RULES GET IT?

  1. It is yor friggin Blog you can be as big as an ass as you want. I don’t know where the Frat boy post at, but I would love to give them shit also lol

  2. I love way you write. Truth!
    A lot of the blogs I read are armed with those “keyboard warriors”! Don’t see any of them here. Makes me happy.
    Keep making them be pissed off. Mabey they’ll straighten their own blogs.
    I look forward to reading your stuff everyday. I like it!

  3. Say Bro,I see you’re still making friends! Oh well! It is your blog.You gave gave em numerous chances to prove ya wrong. ( sound of crickets) Grown ups in my mind,shouldn’t tell other grown ups how to live! Personally I think Everybody should live as they please! Fuck em get 2 stills 1 for fuel,1 for imbibing when the urge hits!


  4. Not one valid rebuttal. ‘Cuz they can’t refute that which is true. Plug away Bill, there’s some sissified fucktards what need a dose of the reality to shock them from their slumber. The truth hurts sometimes, which is something I’ve experienced more times than I care to recall. Man up and deal with it, makes for a shorter journey in the end…

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