OK after much thought… perhaps I am a heathen, so to mend my ways I am offering an olive branch to the frat boys, after all the Baby Jesus wants us to turn the other cheek, I promise I will stop sinning and boozing and spread the gospel of Liberty, perhaps I should start carrying a copy of the constitution along side of my bible,,,, oh no wait, better yet I will fold the copy of the constitution and place it neatly inside of the bible, perhaps this will allow extra blessings.

I was also chastised for my store-bought still… no no no no I must stop living in the past, funny thing I don’t own a store-bought still… yet. I suppose me and the Baby Jesus will need to have a long talk about my hedonistic ways, until then I am sure the fine fanatical patriots will keep me inline, lord knows they have the Baby Jesus on their side.

Be careful folks you just might get what you ask for. Please enjoy the grape flavored punch.


  1. playing with Oxy/Atcetylene for welding copper, Much easier than aluminum or stainless and the end product, after cleanup is one solid piece that you can’t see the seams on.
    There will be stills built in my future. (and I really like that ‘Gatling Gun’ condenser I saw. Gonna have to play with that one)
    Soon bro, soon. You know my time line as well as I do right now.

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