I have to be in meetings all day today, architects and engineers… real fucking fun stuff. It will be a titillating 8 hour day of being reminded just how superior the the Frat Boys are. The greasy haired Frat Boys are not going to like it when I whip out my spit cup, I will make sure to spill the Copenhagen on the plan table every time I take a dip.

Wait until they get a waft of my nasty ass cast on my leg, I have breached it ( broken it open in a few spots) and it’s fucking ripe let me tell ya. It should be an interesting day, I almost forgot…. I need to feed the chickens this morning before I leave… I am going to make damn well sure I step in some chicken shit while gathering the eggs, and fuck hosing it off.

5 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND IS CLOSE

  1. Well, you’d think I was a “frat boy” by just looking at my dress and appearance, I might even run into you at some type of meeting as you describe, but. psssst, I’m on your side! Don’t be too quick to write people off by their appearance.

    I like the site, irreverence is appreciated.

  2. That funk beneath the cast is ripe indeed. A little chicken shit makes it so much more gooder, ha ha. I’d throw in some ode de beef liver, shrimp, squid, and mackerel from feed day here at the hatchery but smellovision ain’t been invented yet.

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