It’s Good Friday, and I will not be eating fish today, my choice is not a political one as much as it is my choice, I am not in the mood for fish… my choice. There is electricity in the air and you can smell it, what does that mean for you and I? I wonder how much longer it will be until the Catholics have their new Pope?

Out to pasture is putting it mildly, yeeessssss I am aware some may not understand, this is as it was intended, there are a few die hards remaining, I don’t fault them, yet I will take exception to the hero worship, hey it’s a free world right? I saw this yesterday and about choked on my wad of snuff.

rufus13 | April 5, 2012 at 04:12 | Reply

If you want to read what MV thinks, go read his blog. He’s out of the hospital. IMHO, Mike V. bought you months, maybe years, of extra prep and training time by breaking the Holder/Obama timeline and exposing it to those with eyes. Even liberal democrat anti-gunners have become appalled at “The Chicago Way” as it has gotten thousands of Mexican non-criminals sacrificed more efficiently with US-sponsored gun walking. WarOnGuns and SipseyStreetIrregulars have got to be regular stops for both sides of the Issa and Grassley investigations. The fix is likely in, but delay of a $h1t$t0rm is always welcome to dig in or put up tarps.

PT, more. Screen time less. More water, less beer.


Months maybe years, REALLY? REALLY? My fucking god what drivel, well enough of that I should be mindful of my manners, I was schooled as a  young boy not to speak poorly of the dead….. oh yeah he’s not dead YET, don’t worry his time will come just as ours, his I am quite sure will be much, much sooner, and I really doubt he will be around to see he big bang events. It’s OK… after all he all but walked on water for us Patriots and our community.

So if Che is not dead yet…. I can still talk shit? Long pause and an eye roll…… no Bill you might want to check in every hour or so to make sure Che hasn’t kicked the bucket, damn son remember your manners. Lordy, Lordy I would not want to be guilty of offending the dead, sounds like a plan, before I talk any trash I will pop in to see if there is an update to confirm if he is flat lining or not.

I am strongly considering changing professions, I like to write so it would seem natural to find a gig writing, then it hit me… how about becoming an obituary writer, fuck it made all the sense in the world, there is going to be so many dead folks soon, the newspapers will be in a hurt locker for zombie writers, and just how do I know there will be many folks keeling over soon…. well I drove past a little Baptist church this morning out in the sticks by my place, and the marquee out front said so, hold the phone and let me explain, well how about in the next paragraph I simply place what it said in a quote block.


See so there you have it, the Rapture is coming, I have zero expertise on Raptures and such, I also have zero expertise on Zombies, what I do have a little knowledge on is assholes and how to spot them a mile away, wait a minute and hold that thought…. I have to clink a link real quick and check on something……. nope it’s all good I can keep talking shit. 

OK seeing as how I am going to have a new gig as an obit writer I should probably practice a little… more later.


    • Craig, I think I am sooooo bad that I might be going to hell, after all I blasphemed the Gun Walker Jesus. I wonder what kind of curtains they have in hell? Or if they have Blue Bell? I wonder if the Gun Walker Jesus walked on water the day he went to the capitol,,,,, man I would have paid to see that!!

  1. DAMN! How is it you can make my ribs ache during a sandstorm, then a month later, from 1400 miles away?!?!?!
    Cheerist! My eyes are hurting too from squeezing out tears I was laughing so hard.

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