The noose is tightening can you feel it yet, it’s OK just rub some vaseline on your neck, it will help, just as the squab drone will help us defeat our enemies, I may not be a soccer player, yet I do know while basting the long pig one might want some hot sauce, after all it is the other white meat.

While you are planning and prepping make sure to stock up on plenty of fava beans, got any Chianti? Think thighs and not breast, kinda like a good boston butt, only fattier. Things are getting better? The regime is delusional, yet it’s OK to be delusional when you have real drones and the DHS, ask Kim Jong… he was bat ass crazy.

We are not dealing with folks with consciences, why on earth should we be using squab drones, bring a knife to the gun fight why don’t you? Timing is everything ask Treyvon…. after all my brother from another mother loves his cracker brothers, no? Got guns? Got ammo?

First and foremost I suppose we have to deal with our own internal bickering, as soon as the frat boys quit wire tapping, I suppose only then can there be dialogue, fuck who the hell am I kidding… please pass the Chianti and a bowl of fava beans.

The unemployment rate is about to change, ask Biden’s boy. It’s kind of ironic… after all the local Barney Fife has been upholding our constitutional rights? I don’t think so, I can think of one out in Arizona but that’s far and few. Karma is a bitch so is long pig without any tabasco.

Wire taps… Frat boys… fibbies and stooges, my we are blessed. I have to run, it’s time to sing my daily rendition of God Bless Amerika.


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