Apparently the LAPD plugged a 19 year old moose limb kid last night on the freeway, 90 plus plugs, I watched the video…. it looked more like cop by suicide. The media is reporting the Liar Keepers can’t locate the kids weapon, as I said if the kid did not have a gun it must have been suicide by cop, who the hell knows.

No I did not attach a link, it will be all over the news soon enough, after all now we have a poor innocent muzzie kid that was murdered by the Liar Keepers….. round two ding ding, and we know what a hot bed LA can be.

Nothing shocks me anymore, there is nothing that could happen that would leave me slack-jawed at this point. Hell they just arrested an 80 year old Catholic Nun for selling stolen babies… going all the way back to the 1930’s, hell I will repeat myself one last time…. Nothing shocks me at this point and time.

Baby Jesus could drop 10,000 aliens from the heavens…. my response would be, meh.

One thought on “DEAD MUZZIE KID IN CA.

  1. I’m sure it will be sensationalized like all the other white on black “crimes” going on right now. Maybe Rodney King can give another “Can’t we all just get along” speeches. Lord knows how much weight that drunken crackheads words carry amongst the black community.

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