Some things change and some things stay the same, apparently there are some more dead cops as of today, how strange that even Drudge has taken to the punch bowl. The blood is flowing from all sides into the gutter, do you understand?

Death is denied to no one, I was going to write today about honor…. I soon realized it would be pointless. I hate cops, I hate what they do for a living, I also hate the type of personality that tends to become a cop, not unlike the flunkies that become volunteer fire fighters, yes boys it’s all for the glory.

I have been munching on my popcorn watching the show as of late, the natives are getting restless, and brave. You know… my stomach wretches any time I see that fat black ass on tv, and yes it is HUGE. My anger and hatred grows by the day, it’s a strange phenomenon to say the least, I considered trying to make it to TL’s gathering at the end of the month, the final decision has not been made, although it’s not likely.

It’s a dangerous time to be traveling, I have been planting and nurturing, this brings me happiness, looking out my window into the world tends to do the opposite, I am convinced heading up North would not help my Chi. I will continue to plant and grow and share a few kind words with the few good neighbors that I have.

TX Bugman has a few young ones running around his place, it’s amazing how we refuse to accept the sage wisdom given to us, I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the expression enjoy them now because they grow up so fast. The innocence of the little ones is pretty amazing, what I find the most difficult is having to answer the hard questions of a pre pubescent child. I am a horrible liar, and I do not want to educate my ten-year old on the wicked ways of man kind, it’s a shame he couldn’t have stayed five years old.

We plan and we prep, we spend our treasure doing so. How odd this is…. it’s almost akin to fabricating your own casket, it’s a necessity and it’s down right fucking depressing, yet we march on…. prepping, ranting and planning. Our lives were not supposed to be this way, I know my fathers was not, nor was my grandfathers.

My ten-year old watches, he is aware, he understands the guns and the ammo, he understands the food preparations, there is zero means of hiding any of this from him, this affects me deeply, it also saddens me, yet we march on….

Yes we will continue to march on preparing and planning, stocking up and planting, all the while looking over our shoulders, do not pay for your preps with a credit or debit card, only pay with cash or ELSE big brother….. I am tired of living like a fugitive, always having to concern myself with the illegal actions of my stasi government. I highly doubt I can change a fucking thing.

I have grown very tired of looking out my window into the world, a world of deceit and wickedness, far too many have forgotten or were never educated on what it meant to be an American, it’s too late now so it does not matter, my foul mood dictated that I type it.

All is not lost, there is a high probability that we will have the distinct honor of dying in a hail of bullets defending our family and property from the free shit army, or dying at the hands of our own United States Government. I hope I was able to cheer you up, because I certainly feel better now.

11 thoughts on “DEATH IS DENIED TO NO ONE

  1. Same here too.
    All transactions cash, this shitheap better cave in soon or they’ll be coming after us for still using counterfeit FRN’s. Ha, ha, now ain’t that funny.

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  3. enjoy them now because they grow up so fast……a shame he couldn’t have stayed five years old.

    Absolutely. I had 5 daughters and always say I wish they had stayed about 5 or 6. That’s when
    they really love Daddy!:) Once when my third daughter Bonnie was about 5 she heard adult conversation in another room mentioning a question to which none had the answer, so she promptly entered and said “Ask Daddy, he knows everything!”:)

  4. 20 gardens.

    I hear and understand what you said. I have less to travel, and I won’t be travelling alone this round.
    If you think watching your kids get older is a bitch, wait until they have the chilluns and you get to watch it ALL OVER AGAIN in thier wee ones. It warms and hurts all at the same time. There is a reason Grandparents spoil the crap out of them.

    • 2o gardens…. very perceptive and great memory!! stay safe brother. My point was also….. the bastards have taken something very close to my heart away from me and my son……… words can’t describe…. deeds will soon.

  5. “My ten-year old watches, he is aware, he understands the guns and the ammo, he understands the food preparations, there is zero means of hiding any of this from him, this affects me deeply, it also saddens me, yet we march on….”

    And in ten, twenty, whatever number of years in the future, you’ll look and see him doing the same: prepping and passing that mindset along.
    Yes, be sad that this is necessary, but don’t waste a second regretting that you’re prepping your family now so that he can prep for his later. There are millions of ten year-old boys who think that Fatherhood is watching the game and guzzling brewskis. Be glad that you’re not setting that example.

  6. Pretty much feel the same way about everything. Been mulling over what we discussed, and I’m thinking the same as you. Just too damn much to do and not enough time to do it. Not enough ready cash to do it. As a guy I used to work with (John Polomny, “Actionable Intelligence Alert” on my sidebar) put it, I buy with “cash in fist”. Getting that cash is taking up more and more of my time…

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