Can we discus a very sensitive subject?…. shall we discuss Texas Patcom 2012? I think we should… We are also going to discuss Rope A Dope, back in the day just as it is currently, me and my three followers.  Che’s strategy or his handlers strategy was to ignore me, oh he alerted a few to try to distract me. But when those in my AO ( hey Guys I think I know what this means now) agreed to come to my PatCom…  Unfortunately when they did some research or were instructed as to my leanings…… Well stupid fucks remember when you gave me you cell #’s and your e-mails far too prematurely?

I understand all too well the numbers in my back yard,,,, least not ever forget I know who the fuck you are….. You can thank Che… these folks understand this, that is why they have shut their fucking mouths,,,,, They know… I also know Che sold them down the river. Man I am one stupid fucking hillbilly. The Cult will never understand the fact Che never ever gave a fuck about them, sadly. Check mate fuckers! Let’s fucking dance!!!!

It must suck NIGGA ASS to understand YOU GOT PLAYED AND YOU GOT YOUR ASS HANDED TO YOU. Katy, Texas, Maglolia, Texas, Houston, Texas…. LETS PLAY MOTHER FUCKERS.



  1. If that fat fuck flat lines, some kool-aid drinker will probably print up a bunch of Andy Warhalish t-shirts with his face on them.

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