1. Looking at the words of his speech, and comparing it to his speech on April 17, this is both a warning to his own leadership to get ready to do some shit that they better agree with….or get whats coming…as well as fodder for the press. He selectively omits race in a mjority of this speech, and it speaks volumes. If you want to test this theory, look at a little history….Malcolm X for instance. Some of the same language before the “activism” bombings, etc. Some of the same actors in this little show except they have a slightly bigger agenda this time.

  2. Same shit from the 70’s. Promise to end their bitter lives by wanting to payback whitey for their demise and wanting to riot. We dealt with them in the past, but we failed to seal the deal by leaving them still alive. Now it’s their grandsons that are taking up the movement. It’s time to put the jackboots back on and stomp some heads again. I’m getting to old for this shit. This time I’ll just pull up a chair to a three or four story window and look thru the scope.

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