As of today I have become a Silver Surfer, I purchased my Colloidal Silver and started my full regiment. IF anyone is interested in my results let me know. Thus far pretty cool stuff, I feel better with only a half a days worth of dosage, I have decided to take the short-term immune support, I will taper off after a few weeks.

If the results are positive I will be stocking up like mad, I have read about it for some time, I have seen all the testimonials, yet sadly being a stubborn male…… I can ingest 178,850 servings safely over seventy years. I was much less expensive than I would have thought.

I was a tad disappointed with the sales woman at the health store, she had a bit of a tude, amazing to go in those places…. the help looks sicker than a consumption patient. She looked at me real funny when I started to grill her on the Colloidal Silver… it’s not like I told her I needed the stuff for boils or the Clap, non the less the spray for my sinuses is helping in just a few hours.

Hopefully I will not look like a Smurf.


9 thoughts on “THE SILVER SURFER

  1. Did that last year myself and worked wonders for me as well. I’m now trying Ion Drops and feel even better. I know carry a bottle in my pocket everyday. Got that idea from Mountain Guerilla.


  2. I’ve read up on that stuff and it’s real good for the body. Cures just about any thing. Keep us posted. I’ve been thinking about it but I needed to here from a live guinee pig……lol.

  3. I’ve got about half a dozen bottles of the stuff stocked away and use nose drops frequently. I have yet to turn blue but ya never know…lol

    • Bill, Only you can expand your mind, I am sorry I wasted your time. You can grasp the fact your government has been cheating you for quite some time , yet you struggle with the same concept regarding the FDA and its cronies in the medical field.

  4. thats me been grasping things since christ was a corpral.hoping for enlightentment,settle for a good nap,oh obewan of the glories and the fury blogs.
    Liberty Valance

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