Yes I am aware of the fact I have not been posting, sorry folks sometimes life just gets in the way, it is garden season after all. I also had some issue with the machine…. I think it has contracted VD.

Bill, brother I take no exceptions to your ranting in my comments section, I only offer one piece of advice…. get a grip, your butt soreness has nothing to do with me, your perception is skewed, if you want to step off the porch onto the green… then have at it. I wish you all the luck in the world. It’s a damn shame that so many folks waking up do not have the mental strength to endure the slow process of the bleed out.

I do not mention the other Patcoms or Patcons that are taking place, there is a logical reason, and there is no reason I need to explain myself other than local, local, local. If one prides himself on 100 people showing up to a Patcom…… let’s not be delusional about cold hard facts and reality, we must also understand large numbers do not work in our favor.

Platoon sized local gathering are a wise choice, build the tribe slowly. Reality is what you get away with, what is reality? Fuck don’t ask me I don’t have a clue, nor does anyone else, our entire society and culture is one big fabricated lie, our written history is one big lie. Hell your baby jesus might not even be real.

I do wish those holding gatherings this week the best of luck, it’s an experience one will never forget, but it is also a very private experience, men and women gather to meet face to face and to build relationships and to bond. As I said earlier I have stayed out-of-the-way, it’s not for me or anyone else to try to co-opt the gatherings, it’s a very organic movement and it needs to stay that way. Lord knows we do not need any more merry leaders or false prophets muddying the water.

If you are looking for a seed pimp or a merry leader… well then frat boys head on over to the punch bowl they are anticipating your arrival, live your lives the way you see fit, just remember no merry leaders need apply…. the position has been filled.


  1. @Bill, I met a frequent flyer to my comment section and more so to my e-mail inbox today. Just him and I. And ya know what? That was awesome. One more like minded fellow I’ve shook hands with and spoken to. Those are the REAL people. Unfortunately they are few and far between. I feel the frustration you feel, but there ain’t a fuckin’ thing we can do about it besides getting out there and hooking up with like minded folks around us. They ain’t easy to find. You might not agree with them 100%. But they’re around. Just gotta seek ’em out. Like Bill said, local local local…

    • Mr. snake oil salesman,after riding the hard country all my life,you dont have anything i need
      Liberty Valance

      • What the fuck is that supposed to mean? You want “numbers”, well Bubba they ain’t there. Not yet. And they ain’t gonna be until we get the fuck off our asses and drum ’em up. Bill has done that. I have done that. And a handful of others have done that. Okay, so there’s maybe 150 folks. You gonna storm the castle with 150 folks? More power to ya, but I’ll sit that one out. I ain’t no fuckin’ snake oil salesman, just one man bitch slapping folks with reality. You’ll never get an invasion force so long as there’s plenty of pizza and NFL to go around. Build the tribe Bill Fletcher, don’t go off half cocked. “Let the other bastard die for his country”. As in wait until we have enough like minds to have a tactical advantage. After all, somebody needs to be left to keep the power vacuum from being filled by the next tyrant de jure. That’s where we really come in. Get it?

  2. So…what are the results of all these Patcom/Patcons weekend meetings? Are we still Patriot III’s or are we just a nation wide militia with an unorganized common cause and waiting for a mystery signal?
    Personally I’m still a “keyboard commando” waiting for directions. I read all the blogs full of advice and I prep for the future. And I have all the expected material to take care of myself and family. But I’m pissed off with this country and how it is abusing our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    All the rules are changing and I’m tired of it. I’m ready to fight against those that are taking my freedoms from my grandchidren, they are changing my world and theirs without my consent. I still have a few galant fights left in me even though I’ll be the “GreyBeard” fighters. But I’m a fighter.

    • I totally agree!
      You can get 100,000 Hispanics or blacks to march in L.A., but you can’t get 50 white gun owners together for a 2nd Amendment function. As for myself, I live in the Wyoming mtns. for a good reason, no need for me to go to Denver or Atlanta, walk around for a few hours, get arrested for carrying in a foreign state, and get laughed at on the evening news. I have better uses for all that gas money. I’ll just stay here on my OP, be glad I’m in the highlands with a good view.
      I already know better, we are a lost cause as a society, thank god my generation is now entering it’s last phase. There is nobody after us, these youngsters are already zombies, waiting to turn on us. Most of my own neighbors fit that description.

  3. they say you want to get on the green go for it,get me 90 guys like parker had,we will go in motherfucker,whos with me?nobody at mine was with me,except my guys.keyboardcommandos and patcoms

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