I am well aware of the nature of my title, perfect it you ask me. A few trivial items to discuss prior to the meat and potatoes being dished out, Fletcher again your butt soreness has nothing to do with me, You had a handful of folks show up….. so what, are you displeased because I did not promote your event to your satisfaction? Your perception is skewed. This my friend is your demon not mine, I have been polite thus far, mark my words I also have a mouth full of sharp teeth and I will bite. Ask a few of the frat boys and seed pimps.

The original Seed Pimp has shut his seed business down, apparently he has gone on to greener pastures pimping freeze-dried food. I do not moderate my comments, I happen to think it’s silly to moderate, this does not mean I will not ban an IP address or two.

I thought I had explained my position sufficiently on the PatComs, I suppose there will always be a slow learner in the bunch…. The PatComs will be co-opted at some point, I happen to believe it is actually happening right now, I have some insider info that many of the readers do not have access to, yes a few phone conversations and a few slip of the tongues, many tend to forget just how perceptive I am.

More on that as it evolves, I made my statements to the core group I am involved with, these gentlemen understand the nature of which I speak, this is why I took a back seat, ORGANIC and local local local. We held our PatComs with the understanding we would raise money and send chosen delegates to speak for us at the National Conference. This we did and our delegate is at the Conference as this is being typed.

You see we have a vested interest in maintaining control of our Local, Local, Local, and we intend to make damn well sure what happened to the Tea Party and Oath Keepers does not bleed over to our Locale. We need to have a discussion in regards to Kerodin’s upcoming PatCom, a decision will need to be made in regards to who we are sending to represent us at this event. I suppose after James briefs us on his recent Intel we will have a better idea on how to approach Sam’s function.

I want to be very clear, this post is not meant to be disrespectful or disparaging to the folks at TL’s function. To those that are still butt sore because of what happened to your Merry Leader….. I don’t give a fuck, and I would do it again in a heart beat. We are a better community today because of the work that was done to expose Che for what he really is.

There is no room at the inn for merry leaders or individuals with nefarious agendas and self aggrandizement Frat boys, this is why we MUST control our communities on a local level, yes the strategy works perfectly for the community health and safety in regards to the opposing forces, there was another intention built into the business model…….It also maintains the safety and heath of the smaller community from the larger community, we of course do not agree with the cannibalizing nature of the larger tribe, this example is displayed perfectly over at Sopsey’s, and there is zero reason to repeat that business plan, garbage in …… garbage out.

Rhyme or reason? Many criticize me for my lack of constitutional knowledge, or lack of memorization skills. Second guess me I double dog dare you, continue to underestimate me….. it is all part of the business model. In a small tribe everyone has their skill set honed, a healthy small tribe takes advantage of the fact the skills of the tribe are not mirrored, this helps knit the small unit into a cohesive band of brothers with zero need to have to rely on the larger tribe. It is a built-in function of the business model to maintain minimal reliance of the larger tribe.

Our mission of the Original PatCom was fulfilled and it was very successful, we did what we stated we were going to do, we continue to plan and organize. There is zero intentions for us to insert ourselves into other PatComs and their business, no one likes being labeled a hypocrite, we intend on minding our own business and ask the same from the community, this is hands off territory. We also take zero credit for the success and those organizing their own PatComs, this is how it was intended…. build your tribes folks.

The Che business model is a failure, this should be very evident at this point, we now understand the importance of the PatCom movement and the value of its business model, it’s really quite rudimentary. My disdain for Che is simple…..he also understands his business model is a failure, it was never intended to promote tribe, it was intended to solely promote Che.

One must have a firm grasp on the workings of the human psyche and the god complex, a good example would be our politicians. Be free from your masters… do not throw off the shackles only to be ruled by another monster, we all understand the trappings and failures of a two-party system. I may not have the skills to give a dissertation on the difference of 3rd generation warfare and 4th generation warfare, yet in my tribe we have several tribe members that can. 

Building a tribe with like-minded folks in your locale is a start, we all have something to bring to the table, we all offer importance and relevance to the community, forget this at your own peril and for ownership of another set of shackles. There hangs a dark cloud over our heads……… participate in the rain dance wisely. Think Think Think!

Gun show yesterday, Armed NG at the doors / full gear and in uniform, magazine inserted into weapon. There was only one…… this stagey is for desensitization purposes, he then strolled about the gun show chatting and bonding with all the old vets, the vets chatted him up and talked about their old glory days.

I made mention to a few folks just how disturbing it was,,,, I was not of course surprised to see the looks if bewilderment that I even posed the question. Get tribe and get it quick, we are twenty steps ahead of the awaking sheep, least not forget even in Texas the attendance by all those at the gun show were not Like Minded Folks, and yes they are also buying guns and ammo….. lots of it too.






  1. good post Bill….my brother in Fl, who seldom comments about such, out of blue while talking via phone yesterday..”Man, you notice how many cops of every kind they are now and they look more and more like fucking storm troopers, might as well go ahead and put a swatzika on their fucking uniforms.”

    • Papa Mike: Do you have anyone in your life who understands what is coming? Do you have any real Patriots in your life?

      Do you have anyone in your life you’d trust behind you with a loaded .44 if you were holding a sack of gold bullion with no other witnesses around?

      That’s where you start with Tribe. Most people are lucky to have 1 or 2 such folks in their life. It’s slim pickings.


      • Kerodin,
        I do…one person. I’d trust just one besides my wife. These two people are Patriots and damn sure understand what it going on. We all understand whats’ happening but we need to be a part of like people that understand it as well. Safety in volume just sayin’.
        I read your blog all the time Kerodin and have learned quite a bit from your writtings. We prep and prepare ourselves for the big picture, but it feels it’s not enough.

        • Thanks for the kind words, Mike. You’re right, bigger numbers will translate to more safety. That’s the sad part – there simply aren’t very many who believe in genuine Liberty. For anyone looking to be part of a larger Tribe, there are only 2 real options: Try to find more where you live (very difficult from my experience) or move into close proximity with another genuine Patriot.

          It sucks that our options are so limited. But if you & Bill are compatible and share a world view, or you and Dio, or anyone else you’ve met online, I would suggest you consider talking to them and consider moving into their AO. If we use such Patriots as magnets, we can slowly build clusters that get stronger with every new member. It isn’t cheap, or easy, and there are no guarantees, but I don’t see many other options.

          Good luck.


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