There is a lot happening right now, movers and shakers staking out their claims. I will sit back and watch with curiosity as it all plays out, do not get me wrong……. I will be enjoying  a few three finger whiskies, clean I might add and a bag of popcorn.  I have been in contact with many from our core gathering. We all seem to be on the same page as of late.

I now have a stalker, he lives in N. California, he tried to hold a PatCom sadly no one showed up, our community is a fickle bunch at times, there are also some very dangerous elements, and some unstable types. Folks be very careful in regards to who you give your contact information to. I was contacted to help Bill Fletcher out with his PatCom, now he is stalking me and leaving fucked up messages on my phone.

We all know who this guy is and he is dangerous and unstable, apparently he is upset because many of us do not feel it’s time to step off onto the green, I was in meetings most of the day with owners and architects, all the while Bill Fletcher was stalker calling me. The proverbial shit has not hit the fan yet, and we still need to prep and prepare, one can’t accomplish this if one does not have a job.

We have to protect our means of generating money, if there are those people in our community willing to upset our ability to fund our prepping and planning….. how should situations like this be handled? And trust me Fletcher is not the only one, there are many of them that call themselves patriots, I entrusted this guy with my cell phone number, he is no patriot.

It is one thing to disagree, folks like Fletcher need to be weeded out, I did not promote this guys PatCom because it was very obvious he was unstable, he began his shenanigans prior to hosting his function.

If the nut job Fletcher takes acception to my writing or my philosophies….. as I have stated numerous times, prove me wrong, instead he tries to disrupt my ability to make a living. I suppose the saved voice mails could be sent to Fletcher’s local police department, I could have him arrested for harassment and making threats…. Or perhaps I could handle the situation by thinking outside of the box.

 As the situation escalates I will be forced to make a decision on how I will handle the said nut job….. inside the box or outside the box. It amazes me just how stupid some of these folks are, I am quite certain we will be reading about Bill Fletcher in the headlines in the near future. I would highly recommend those in the community distance themselves from this guy. He will be going down either by cop suicide or entrapment by the fibbies, trust me he will take you with him if you give him the opportunity.

Fletcher keep calling and leaving messages…. and I will keep thinking outside the box. Perhaps this entire week will be devoted to writing about nut jobs in our community.

I am not real tech savvy, anyone out there care to help me transfer Fletcher’s voice mails onto a post? You all know how to get a hold of me.


  1. him putting your cell phone number out for all to see is a major fuck up, yet the owner of blog allowing it to stay up sucks damn near as bad IMO…give “K” kudos for calling the guy out on it….

      • I’m sure you’ve seen it already, but it was WRSA’s “Busy Weekend” post. The only thing keeping me from shit-canning my link to WRSA is the fact that I want to keep tabs on the frat boys. But like Rusty said, that was a major fuck up leaving that comment up. Shows the true motives of the blog owner…

  2. K called out Fletcher for outing your info, called it very uncool….sorry, I didn’t make that clear

  3. Bill:

    Using a two-sided stereo (or mono) mini-jack from your phone’s headphone jack to your computer’s microphone input jack..and some kind of sound recorder program on your CPU (search for “sound recorder” on your Windows computer)…you should be able to record all of the phone messages onto your computer. From there you could take the audio files (either .wav file or convert them to mp3 file) and post them on YouTube with some of your demented images.

    Clear as mud?

    I don’t know how else to do it…


  4. invite bill to dinner, give him a drugged drink, stuff him in the trunk, take him out to the desert, strip him naked and leave him there…

  5. Mr. Fletcher also called me, and when I didn’t answer left a comment on my blog to “answer ur phone, bitch”. Like I’m gonna waste my time.

    I know he’s not coming all the way here from north Kalifornia, but if he did, I have Mr. Mossberg and his friends the 00 bucks. I’m a bit squeamish, so I’d probably just pump repeated rounds into his middle until he was reduced to multiple pieces. However, Bill Nye is a Marine. He has a rather “unique” sense of humor. I cringe to think of the things that might happen to Mr. Fletcher should he be foolish enough to arrive. Maybe that rat cage thing I mentioned above…

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