Much has happened in the community as of late, I neither condone nor support. I would like to take a few moments to remind the community that there was a purposeful delineation of the national folks and the Local folks, this was done purposely as I stated.

The concentration of power is not acceptable, history has shown us the dangers of this type of business model. We are all free men to do as we wish, I am going to continue to concentrate on my PREPS, and my local, local, local. I will not be taking the red pill nor the blue pill, remember Do Not Put In Mouth Or Rectum.

Those that have openly refuted and mocked our stasi government are marked men, some of us are marked men from the former power brokers of our community. Manipulation, intrigue and back room negotiations, I want nothing to do with any of it, I am a humble man wanting to take the best care of my family. I am well aware of what awaits me on the horizon.

Regardless of what some may preach in regards to PREPS, please try not to be discouraged, continue to prep, and continue to prepare, keep those you love at your breast. There is nothing nefarious about my intent today, I will honor and uphold those promises I made to my family and to my Locale, this is All I owe, no more no less.

The lists are being shown publicly, November is a long way away…….. perhaps a back up plan should be implemented? Honor, Duty, and Courage are not derived from a list, what is in a mans heart cannot be gotten from a list or pillow promises of intent 6 months from today.

The day in, day out grind of surviving is a great barometer of the tempered steel of a man, do not discount this. Save you anger folks, utilize your energy to stock up and prepare, shore up your households and build your LOCAL Tribe. The spark may never happen, the creeping incrementalism works in our favor, it allows us to buy more time to shore up and to generate Tribe.

Our community is ass backwards and it suffers from the damage that was implemented by the old power brokers, this sadly can’t be undone, it was done purposely by the old guard left over from the nineties. Our house of cards is so structurally wounded, it can’t ever be built anew.

The are other opportunities and options, sadly too much of the old guard remains and they continue to inbreed, the community is full of retards from far too much inbreeding, this is a fact.

I will be moving on to better and bigger options, folks you must expand your minds and quit fucking your cousins.


  1. Absolutely agree with you Bill. I only wish you lived north of the Red River. It’d be nice to have someone like you up here in the Red Man’s Land because I’ve yet to find many of like mind that I would stand shoulder to shoulder with. Keep on keepin’ on!

  2. have often advised same

    start up your freeholds or tribes now

    as the old world crumbles apart

    time to begin new worlds for yourselves

    may you all live long and free

  3. Right on Bill.
    I feel the same. Local, local. I’m shoring up and talking to neighbors and trying to build a local tribe. Prep, and prep and some more prep.
    Survival is my top priority, next to my family, it’s on my mind all the time.
    I will not take any pill. I’d rather stand and fight. Be a man.
    papa mike

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