steiner said…
That is Steiner,he is my 1st German Sheperd.I have owned and bred working dogs ,Austrailen Sheperds and had dogs for ever but I have never had a more loyal dog.
The whole nye deal makes me have very serious reservations about the internet.He was following me around from site to site changing and earesing things I would type.Very strange people over on those blogs.



Blogger steinersaid…

I pulled their covers.



Blogger steinersaid…

I got in an agruement with bill nye and kerodin about how the patcom i hosted was a waste of time.nyes reponse was to put up lies about me on his blog.He changed some of them and removed others,because i disagreed with him.that was my reference to bosses.It looks like my idea of liberty and theres is not the same.
I apoligize if I have abused your hospitalty



Blogger steinersaid…

You make it sound like everybody will find it easy and love it.You know the truth is just about oppiste that.I have struggled almost 60 years against anybody or anything that tried to run my life.The chains have set heavy on me and it does not win u friends to ALWAYS fight the reins.
Stumbled onto these blogs in 11/11 and thought I had found a place filled with folks who were like me,wanted to be left alone to live out your life as you wanted.a peaceful little life bothering no one.BUT the new boss sounds and looks a lot like the old boss.
Good luck and Happy Trails
Liberty Valance
ps nye,grow a pair



  1. Hey Fletcher – you are a fucking liar, dude. I never once said your PatCon was a waste of time, and I challenge you to present any email to that effect. Ken Lane was there, so I know it carried weight. You and I never got into an argument about your PatCon at all.


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