A little birdie informed me the frat boys are back at the punch bowl getting all snookered up, after they get good and juiced up from the Kool Aid they are planning a running with the scissors race, frat boys only…. mind you. I wonder if they will elect a new Merry Leader? Hopefully the new leader will not enjoy the long pig. Lord knows Idi Amin loved himself some long pig.

Che is still not talking much these days, although his subjects still seem to stir up some shit, another little birdie advised me if I would be attending Che’s funeral I might want to start thinking about taking that black suit to the cleaners…. and soon.

Seeing how I don’t own a suit, I wonder if Che’s bunch would be offended if I showed up in my overalls with a flask of whiskey in my back pocket? Yea now that I think about it, I might need to substitute the hard stuff for some Grape Kool Aid.

I was thinking about a hungry monkey and his pet NCO this morning, just random thoughts nothing real provoking. Now that the funeral plans are being prepared for Che, I suppose I will need something else to keep my idle fingers busy, let’s see…… damn I just keep coming back to the frat boys and NCO’s.

Old Fletcher is up to his tricks again, that boy is dumb as a box of rocks. Hey Fletcher try to remember you are not supposed to run with the scissors, and boy quit eating dirt, good fucking lord.

The scuttle butt behind the scenes as of late has been about marketing, apparently there are those secret squirrels out there that can’t seem to stay on a righteous path, I stumbled across the top 100 SHTF blog list……. yyyyaaaawwwwnnnnnnnnn!

I was recently told by an insider that many of the problems in our community stem from the high rate of crack baby births, and apparently some of the older folks… well let’s just say their mammas enjoyed a tad too much of the Mad Dog 20/20 in their Cheerios bowl during the 9 month cycle, hey it makes perfect sense to me, the only other logical conclusion would be inbreeding.

Considering we have so many crack babies in the community, it would be a wise decision to keep plenty of brillo pads or steel wool on hand for bartering, you can’t smoke the cheese without a little brillo pad. Did I happen to mention that Fletcher was dumb as  a box of rocks? I did? OK just a reminder.

Well boys I must be shoving off, try to remember to keep your powder dry and don’t trade that milk cow to Big John for a fistful of magic bean seeds, start thinking about getting a haircut and take a bath for christ sake….. the big event is coming up, don’t forget to take that black suit to the cleaners.

Lastly…… will someone remind Fletcher not to run with the scissors, and tell the boy to spit the dirt out, damn he’s gonna get worms. Run Fooooressssttttttt run!



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