I would like to point out a few inconsistencies to the community, perhaps you will agree, or perhaps it may have already occurred to you.

“And the Gunwalker Scandal is a very real blow against the legitimacy of the system.”

 “Both the ATF and the FBI have been knocked back on their bureaucratic heels.”

They are in defensive mode, not offensive. These are not small things.”

“Randy, I’m sorry but this is a Three Percent distraction. I’d be interested to know whose bright idea it was.”

 “My objection is one of principle in that the Three Percent have many more important things to do.”

” Had they issued this diktat without associating the Three Percent with it, I would have no gripe.”

It would seem as if Hitler now thinks he has a registered trademark on the 111 percent, I however am not a threeper, it does seem odd that Che seems to feel he calls the shots for all of us, think back to what I stated long ago…. Che still strategizes like a Commie, the above referenced comments from Che are proof.

The god complex and his commie leanings can never be exorcised from the man, he is and will always be known as CHE. The arrogance and hypocrisy of Che’s most recent comments should not be considered rantings of a sick old man, but rather a window inside the man himself.

Be very careful what you ask for, back away from the punch bowl folks…… it’s been filled with poison and deceit.


  1. Well well well, the “reluctant Merry Leader” done shown his true colors now, hasn’t he. Man, couldn’t you just see his lip trembling when he wrote that? Poor Che, watching it all slip away…

    • Craig, It is actually all good, as the lists are being compiled, we will know the names were correctly placed on the “traitor list” Anyone who is actively involved in subverting our community is and shall be publicly named as such.

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