Che is up to his bag of tricks again, he is also faltering, he has lost much of his support. Much of the community has awakened from their slumber and have now backed away from the punch bowl.

“Hell, it was probably their idea” Read the comments as well, we all know his statement is false, Che struggles with truth and righteousness, he struggles with his demons and his commie back ground. The division in the community stems from Che’s god like complex, the community is inbred and it is weak, all the workings of Che.

Che will you please provide your intel and back up to back up your lies? It would seem easy enough. Sopsey why do you not post the back up to your most recent outrageous claims, If I or Sam as you claimed put the BOA project together…… then prove it, this makes you a liar Vanderboegh, not that it surprises anyone.

To publish false information again and again and again……. only further proves the wickedness of the man. In regards to you rotting from the inside out, yes I awoke again this morning and goggled the phrase ” Mike Vanderboegh died last night”

Karma is a bitch old man, I am not going anywhere you piece of shit, I will continue to post my findings with the back up, it is very easy to find the lies and the inconsistencies. Yes I am aware this is old hat yet I must repeat it again…. Not one merry punch bowl drinker was able to refute my findings or the proof I offered….. not one Funny thing Che has almost a thousand followers, and not one of them could prove this high school drop out was wrong or fabricated any of the findings concerning Che.

Hey Che I Have more…… much, much more. I am also going to recap some of the monumental gaffes, the one about the hand gun is my favorite……. yes and the back up with links shall be included. Keep playing old man and me and my three followers will continue to pull back the curtain for all in the community to see the wizard.

Che your placement and your power is waning, I will not stop Che, all of your material is available to me, your handlers might suggest you start dumping ASAP.


  1. Proof is never necessary to the politician, just rhetoric, and an audience willing to soak it up. Che is a politician through and through. Just not a very successful one…

  2. I hate liars and traitors. Seems the claims of a sick old man is a last grasp to pull the “dirt” around his own grave. Better to not be around, you’ll get your feet dirty by watching the hole fill up with BS.

  3. I grow tired of MVB pronouncing his diktat about who is and who is not a IIIper and what can and can’t be a legitimate focus of patriots. It is clear that he does not truly believe in the notion of liberty, rather he seeks communal uniformity. He sees himself as the leader and guardian of a brand. That is delusional. Why in the hell would we resist the oligarchical tyranny currently controlling this country and submit to the will of a man with a Napoleon complex. He is a relic, a dinosaur of a bygone era who has over-estimated his own place/importance in the big picture. I no longer even care to see what he posts about anything. As for his attacks against Kerodin and you, I ask him to read is f***ing history books. The original patriots weren’t f***ing saints, most were outlaws, smugglers, etc. All of whom would be disqualified from calling themselves IIIpers by the high and mighty MVB today. He has the same deluded view of self as the current occupant of the White House.

    • “The original patriots weren’t f***ing saints, most were outlaws, smugglers, etc. All of whom would be disqualified from calling themselves IIIpers by the high and mighty MVB today.

      Amen Little Bear.

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