Every day more information is released, what was once considered space goat farts is now main stream truth, folks prepare your hearts and your mind for the incoming shit storm, gather your local tribe and prepare. Or I suppose you can continue to stare at the Gun Walker Sparklie.

I have kept my suck shut concerning the PatComs, this was done purposely. I did not want to influence an organic movement. It is growing and it is flourishing….. Che can you say the same? I am very proud of all of the folks that have been gathering their tribe, do not let a dying old sick man influence or belittle your hard work.


4 thoughts on “MORE ON FEMA CAMPS

  1. FEMA Camps, NWO, NAU what ever they call them or where ever they are, I vow that these old feet will never grace their sacred filthy grounds alive.
    Papa Mike

  2. That’s the same thing I did for 12 years as an Army MP and 20 years as a corrections officer. What’s new?

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