The God Complex seems to run rampant in our community, Sam has set a few of them straight the past few days. Che has taught his lessons well, his pupils have also learned their lessons well.

I do not support carving babies from the womb, neither do I support two men ass fucking, I might add I do not support organized religions that protect pedophiles and whose sole purpose is to pass the plate for the baby jesus.

A simple question to those religtards out there….. where is your church or your religious leaders now? Why are they not stepping off the porch onto the green? Ahhhhhh I see they are far too busy concerning themselves with their 501 C3. I think it’s all rather silly, we all know factually that most religious leaders and religions are corrupt.

I do believe in a higher being, my problem is I hate hypocrites. It’s a shame most religtards will rail against the sinners yet they will show up to church on Sunday to listen to the priest give a sermon knowing full well said priest is a child rapist.

The Catholic Church for years condoned and hid these vile acts, and folks step in a little closer I have something I want to make sure you hear…….. Humans run the said religions, get it? I could spend weeks and weeks cataloging the vile atrocities committed by the hand of religions and humans running said religions… get it?

No most will not get it, they are the same ones that head off to Che’s punch bowl every afternoon and pray for his speedy recovery….. can I get an AMEN? All three of the monotheistic religions are guilty of crimes against humanity, get it? probably not.

The narrow-mindedness of the community no longer shocks me, I actually have come to accept it, it was a lesson soon not forgotten, call it one of my biggest epiphanies. The community has a awkward way of taking an issue that is quite simple and logical and twist it into complexity beyond recognition, folks how many times can you dissect a frog prior to it turning to mush? Stupid Frat Boys.

The self-elected council leaders seem to think they have our best interests at heart…. this is a fabrication, their desires are selfish in nature, it is of course the Human Condition. We live in a very wicked and cruel world folks, the patriot community is but a small microcosm.

Look around you, and think real hard about the frat boys and the snakes they carry to Sunday service, they advocate nothing short of Sharia. Do you think I am exaggerating? Take a closer look inside the belly of the beast, you shall find my words accurate.

I will do as I fucking please to my body, dare I try to physically stop a women from engaging in the same? That folks would make me a hypocrite, yet we must also understand it took BOTH the man and the woman to create that child, it does seem a tad illogical that the man has zero say so if HIS child gets carved from the womb.

Two men ass fucking…… well lets just say it is an act against nature, I do not support it, yet no one is going to tell me what the fuck I do behind closed doors, of course it would make us hypocrites, no?

I find it remarkable that we are even having this discussion, we do understand the bitch has to be burnt down to the ground so as our children can rebuild it from the ashes, no? So if we are indeed in agreement on this, why would you not support the conditions and the factors that will expedite the non negotiable future?

One must be intellectually honest…. can we turn it around? Can we change what is happening? Can we turn the clocks back? Build your tribe folks and hang the fuck on for the ride of a lifetime. Remember we are living in historic times, one must only expand their mind to understand this concept.

Build your tribe, prep and prepare, even if the whole shebang takes another ten years to collapse…….  you will still need the ammo, guns and food preps. You cannot change Fate, and it’s ugly as fuck regardless of timing. Ahhhhh you think things will get better? Grab your timber rattlers and head down to Sunday service, Father Martin is waiting for you, he has a hard on in one hand and the copper plate in the other.

Sharia? Remember it’s only the Religious Fanatics that get to make the rules and enforce the fundie practices. Yes the LEADERS, the MERRY LEADERS.

Be very careful what you ask for folks, you just might get it. One Merry Leader in exchange for another?

For those that will get butt sore because of a perceived attack against the church and the baby jesus….. get a grip, and sorry for the pun. Reality is Reality, get it? I didn’t think so.


8 thoughts on “EXCEPT FOR HOMOS

  1. Yes, well said. We’re not allowed to have our own thoughts anymore. Nothing pisses me off more than some arrogant religious nut telling me he knows more about what ‘s good for me than I do. They claim they read ‘The Book’, swore allegiance to the book, and now have a personal hunting license signed by God!
    Forcing religion on someone at gunpoint never has worked, but they still think their imaginary friend will help out with that one too. Too dumb for logic!

  2. The Puritans of 1775 Boston were an extremely exclusive group. Most of the towns and villages of colonial times were that way, founded on their particular beliefs. Yet all these different folks knew that in order to live their various lives in peace, they would have to join with those whom would otherwise be reviled, given their religious beliefs (or agnostic views). Freedom means Freedom for ALL. There is no compromise…

  3. humans invented a god so that they whom spoke for the god could say god comands them to do such unspeakable acts to get rewarded by god…

    you humans been screwing your brains out supporting this stuff for years

    now you get the joke you all played on yourselves…….

  4. “Can we turn the clocks back?”

    And if so, how far back will be necessary? Or possible? This manipulation dates back to at least the plains of Africa when we were just barely human.

    • Never.
      I know many who claim to be Christians, ask them if they’ve read the Bible front to back, and many will admit, NO! But they still adhere to a few basic principles, something Grandma or mom taught them, and therefor afraid of being left out of the pack. So they will kill you, all because the other morons wanted to do it, not because they had any intellectual grasp of what their ‘guidebook’ even said. These morons will continue this practice until the end of time, it’s self perpetuating stupidity. And the smarter ones become leaders of this insanity.

  5. I’ve read the Bible from front to back many times, I have to believe it. But I’m not a religious zealot, I don’t force any of my beliefs on anyone. It has given me some of the reasons why I am a Patriot III. FREEDOM, my inalienable rights , the Constitution and BoR. All these I will die for. If I’m wrong then I’ll die for the wrong reasons.
    Papa Mike

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