History has a very cruel way of distorting the truth, many do not understand just how wicked we are and how far back the treachery stems.

The Allahakbars must have had a very good business model to learn from.

Yes the Joo’s were some of the finest terrorists of past and present. Ask Menachem Begin.

Oh I know this kind of truth makes you nauseous, it makes your head spin.

Well how about some more connecting of the dots, shall we?

Yes we are all interconnected to the lies and the deceit, history is not as it seems.

I could dissect this frog ad nauseam, Religious Cults all three of the monotheistic religions. No you would rather run around condemning the allahakbars, you know the CIA boogie man.

Know your real history folks not the lies that have been spoon fed to you by your religious leaders and politicians. All of the fiery rhetoric of how Obama hates Israel……. Really? It’s all one big fucking Ponzi scheme, see you at Sunday Service…. who is bringing the rattlers?

4 thoughts on “IRGUN

  1. I find it amazing that such a small group of people have turned world view/history around in just 65 yrs. They control the media and as such, the minds of the masses. Nothing you say today can undo what they have done in ‘educating ‘ the proles, and until this all collapses there isn’t a thing that will change the course they have us on.

  2. I find it amazing that people to this day want to believe in the myth of a Jewish secret cabal that controls the media, banking, etc, etc, etc. If I was a survivor of the holocaust and had a chance to reach Israel I too would join the Irgun and proudly fight all occupiers by any means necessary. Wouldn’t you defend your AO against all foreign occupants? Talk about hypocrisy! Menachem Begin, Moshe Dayan – these are strong leaders who took their land back from foreign occupants by force of arms and guerrilla warfare. You would lick the hand that controlled your historic home? Then maybe you should look forward to UN troopers in your AO handing out food rations when the SHTF and thank them profusely for it. A few hundred thousand fleeing Jews started a country that has prospered, and which is the ONLY democracy within many many miles, and you people call it evil? Never forget? Both ways? I’ve been to Dachau and saw the ovens. Armchair saber-rattling anti-Semites really piss me off. I have relatives that fought the Nazis in WWII. Don’t give me your crap. Any anti-Semites out there are definitely NOT part of FreeFor as far the rest of us are concerned, and Israel IS the canary in the coalmine when it comes to our national security. What happens to them will happen to us, albeit a little later.

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