What more needs to be said, as we bang away at our keyboards…. there is traction out there, we are not that arm of the resistance… yet. I have remained publicly quiet and somewhat on the fence about the perceived FSA and the OWS movement, we must understand there are those in the community with agendas.

The merry leaders in the community have been very cunning and calculating, the maneuvering to keep us from the raw elements on the street has been done for political purposes. We do not stand alone, there are hundreds of thousands out there who feel as we do.

There are reasons for the divisions in the community, they have been implemented strategically and with surgical precision. Our community is a hybrid of the remains of the 90’s, infiltrated with ghosts and spooks. The measures to undermine the PatComs were not implemented out of pettiness or ego. We have enemies within, and they have been around for a very long time.

Regardless of the depth of the quagmire we face, patriots of this nation still exist, and the movement is thriving. We are fashioned to believe all is lost and hope is nonexistent, we can’t change the inevitable, yet we can and must fight.

We live in a nation much different from the one we faced two years ago, it changes daily, never forget this. It is important to understand people want freedom, the younger kids of this nation have been labeled unfairly, to continue this practice would be foolish. Understanding the assets is step number one, why have those in the community purposely convoluted the resistance movement of the younger generation?

To say the younger kids are FSA is baseless and it is ignorant, I can demonstrate FSA practices in every demographic of our country, whether it’s your farm tags, half of your crop insurance or the loopholes you use on your investments and income taxes. Hypocrisy is rampant.

You may continue to lie to yourself, you will continue to plot and scheme…. yet your marker shall come due one day.

It is our duty to not only hold the bankers and the politicians accountable…… there are those in our community that will face the same consequences, unfortunately you will not have the privilege of a jury of your peers.

To the pimps and the spooks of the community………sleep well, it won’t last much longer.

I would like to present a question to those in the community with children;

How did you raise your children? Do you think you are special? Do you not think there are millions out there that have also raised their children with the fundamentals of liberty and freedom? Did you raise them to understand right from wrong? Are your children FSA? Yes the kids might be young and dumb, we all were at the age, yet they were raised by Patriots and God-loving Americans, no? Or were they raised by commies and socialists?



7 thoughts on “GOT TRIBE? / SONS OF LIBERTY

  1. They ARE fucked. And they know it, hence the actions we see from them on a daily basis. Sweet dreams, motherfuckers…

    • I tend to agree with Craig on this point. That is why the wheel is spinning faster. They have little time left. We will build the Remnant and the Tribes will come together once again. As it has over the last 25,000 years or more.

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