The recent frat boy activity should make Che a proud poppa, I am quite positive he is cleaning his wounds with a smile this morning. Yes I do understand this might confuse a few, well let’s just say we have had yet another round of the frat boys and their continued dissecting of the frog, damn there is nothing left of that frog, it’s now a pile of soggy mush.

Now that Che has been unseated the frat boys are running amuck similar to an episode of Jerry Springer. It’s a shame the boys feel there is a vacuum and that it needs to be filled. I think it’s a good lesson of “Rope A Dope”

China is hosting his PatCom this weekend, I hope all goes well for him and his tribe.

I have decided to host another event at my place, or near by, I may or may not make the announcement here on the www. To those of our tribe from out-of-town, you are invited yet I do understand the logistics and the nature of our current economic cluster fuck. Master Yoda will be helping me with the event, It will be a one day function.

If there is interest let me know, if not we will keep in simple. No need for advertising, it will be a simple gathering… Frat Boys need not attend. The like-minded folks I like to spend time with really have no need to meet and great with those that would rather quote Shakespeare.

OK so I am on the outside looking in…….. and I want to join tribe……… I stumble upon this……..

5 thoughts on “

  1. Jeez… I started skimming about 1/4 through and gave up at half way. All that is what we in the Navy called “nuking it”. Pretty much the same as that pile of frog mush…

    Definitely interested, I’ll see what I can scrape together.

    • wd is right, one day affair doesn’t do it justice 😉 is master coming this way?

      I’ll be there if at all possible.


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