Grumpyunk is gone

China just gave me the news Grumpyunk lost his battle with cancer.

I was proud to have called him a friend, it’s a sad day, the community lost a great man. Hey Unk keep a close eye on us please… we need the help.



8 thoughts on “Grumpyunk is gone

  1. I had got to know Unk over the last couple of years through email and commenting on his blog, and we were hoping to get together to finally meet face to face when he was feeling better.

    Guess that is going to have to wait awhile. Only the good die young.

    God bless you Unk. It is my loss I never got to shake your hand.

    Fair winds and calm seas.

  2. The Great Creator takes us all, Unk is just waiting for all of us over the horizon. May God grant his loved ones peace and bonding at this time.

  3. I just read the news after coming home from night shift. Dammit, why do the good folks have to die? God bless you Unk, keep watch over us and give us a heads up from time to time…

  4. That does indeed suck. Didn’t meet the man in person, but his work and spirit spoke for themselves. We’ll burn a couple commies for ya Unk, RIP

    From his page:
    “A couple of days ago 4 big old Vultures showed up & have been flying around. Usually, that means something got hit on the road and their gonna do the cleanup.

    Not these 4. They just hang out and stare at me from their perch on an old barn across the field from here.

    I have to keep reminding them that I ain’t dead yet. I think I hear them laughing once in awhile too.

    You think God’s just fooling with me for a laugh?
    That’s my take on it. Because it does make me laugh & laughter is good.”

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