Bad news seems to come in three’s……. I suppose I need to check to see if the nasty old bastard is still kicking, just maybe the baby jesus might have swooped him up to the pearly gates last night. And no I don’t give a fuck if I am being a crass asshole.

OK here is the scoop….. james will be down here some time in mid June, as stated I am going to have a function, to those out of towners it is accepted it’s too far of a haul for a one day event. If there are those that would like to come and stay for 3-4 days, you are welcome to do so.

I need some input on who, what, where. I have some more locals that will be introduced to the tribe. To those attending I have located about 3,000 five gallon food grade buckets for two bucks a pop. And some 50 gallon food grade / blue water barrels for fifteen bucks a pop, let me know.

I spoke to James, I do not think we will gather under the PatCom banner… more on that later. China had one hell of a successful gathering, remember…… local, local, local. Craig it hurt a lot to hear the news about GY, I am still mad at myself for not keeping in better touch with him in his last weeks.

Master Yoda will be attending the function, instead of doing a raffle, we will be having a swap meet of sorts, if you are trying to sell or buy gear…. bring it. Trading will be done in Silver only. If you have something for sale or want to purchase something… you had better bring some Silver. The function will be on a Saturday, we will be using the spot price of the closing on Friday.

If there is interest I will ask Master Yoda to open up his warehouse, For anyone interested I am selling my Jeep to raise funds for Silver, it is a 93 Wrangler. For those that might want to spend the evening, camping is available. We will BBQ on Saturday, remember it will be June and we are in Texas, during the heat of the day we will be meeting in my office, please bring chairs.

There will be NO itinerary other than the swap meet, and that too will be informal, for those that know me I hate formalities and musters……… I left the US Marines a long time ago, we are all grown men and no one needs to have a schedule pushed down their throats.

Sam Kerodin you are formally invited to this function, please let me know if you can make it, none the less the door is always open for you. I will have more information as I get it.

We will also be honoring Grumpy Unk, I will come up with a few ideas, any advice from others will be helpful.

If there is anyone attending that would like something from the Mormon Cannery, let me know I will buy it and just reimburse me with the equivalent in Silver, they have the cheapest oxygen absorbers you will find anywhere.

EDIT:  I went to the Mormon Cannery during my lunch break, I purchased 500 ea. 300 cc oxygen absorbers for 50 bucks, that’s ten cents each, do a quick google online and see what they are selling them for.

11 thoughts on “MEET UP

  1. This is at your place where we had the first one?…..Reckon me and WD headin West agin soon…you fukers gonna have to reciprocate and come to Ms early this fall….

    • WD hey I know it’s a long hard trip, if there is a better way of doing this, perhaps we should re-consider, we do have options. Can we start an e-mail thread to discuss options?

  2. Bidness been good lately, promises to get even better as the fishing tournaments start up. Whipping the truck back into shape one piece at a time. Should be good to go for a mid June road trip. Yes, I should have kept in touch with Grump more myself. One more regret in life to add to the list…

  3. put me in for two of those water barrels please.
    I agree, the patcom banner for this event is kind of moot. I say meeting under the Texas Threeper flag or somesuch would be more appropriate. Only reason being, I think we have established that we are now ‘group’. Bringing in new faces is only part of the growth, we are now established.
    Wish I had known GU better. So many voices out here and only so many one person can keep up with. In light of that fact, It still amazes me that the Patcoms are not bursting into a fireball of activity. Makes me wonder how many are all talk and no walk.

  4. definitely plenty of talkin, no walkin going on….if the shoe fits and it hurts, too fuckin bad…no shows now will be no shows then….

  5. Depends in date. I presently have a team at trial and 6/23 I have a very big project to get out the door. I’ll take a big blue barrel and 5 buckets and lids. If you can get a case of canned butter that’d be real fine too. Parting with the few Morgans I have though 😦 LOL

  6. The Hoosier 3% are getting patches for the original members,Grumpy Unk gets one! Fucking shame posthumously! One of these days I will get to Texas and meet you fellas God willing!


    • OK, no response, that’s cool. Based on your last post, I’m outside your area and it looks like my middle of June is tied up. Newbie here, and trying to get bearings. Anyway, I would love to offer assistance to James (through Memphrica territory) when he makes his move, but didn’t want it to be broadcast. Ya’ll used to have your email adresses posted, but I guess I understand why that is no longer the case. The offer stands, as did the same offer stand at your previous Patcom. The email address is there for you to see. I look forward to any assistance I can offer.

      • I am taking care of gardens and critters, give me until in the morning to respond…… Please. My chores and commute take much of my time.

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