It’s a damn shame… now that “Che has left the building” so many of his merry followers are just giving up and turning into girly men.

outlawpatriot | May 21, 2012 at 20:06 |

Well, gee whiz. No shit.

Their power grows with each passing day. Ours weakens.

Understand this you bastards. They’re gonna pick us up one by one. One by one.

Sure, some of us will get off a few shots. Maybe even send a few of them to hell. But they’re gonna pick us up one by one.

And you fuckers who think you live in the countryside with your gardens and your pantry. They’re gonna pick you up one by one.

And those of you with tribes. How many? How many do you have? Could you stand against a platoon?  They’re gonna pick you up one by one.

Passive resistance is futile. No shit.

When any of you fuckers are ready to go aggressive. Let me know. I have a few years left and am more than capable of holding my own.

However, be quick with your decision. The door is almost shut. They’re gonna pick us up one by one.

7 thoughts on “GIRLY MEN

  1. Has the makings of a good Irish drinking song… “They’re going to pick us off
    one by wooooonnnn….. ”

    Of course, one must have had induldged in quite a few pints of Guinness stout beforehand to make sense of it all.

  2. Oh I dunno Bill. Yes, they may pluck but there are ways to send a few to Hell. I’d note a garden and full pantry is just common sense. Geesh, even the Gov’t says it is a good idea 😉

  3. My door has been shut… passive resistance on either side of the door. Either way I’ll be dead, but I’ll make it worth while.
    But I’ll sure try line up a few body bags while I piss on “passive resistance”.
    Papa Mike

  4. Hey boss, I’m up here Denton County way, not that far off. Contact me. Passive is slow death, and I want to know your thoughts.

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