We all should understand the tribe will do you zero good when it is located 5 plus hours away, I am going to continue to build tribe local, local, local. Now if one CAN fill in the gaps of the 5 plus hours… now you have a network, I am going to do my best to fill the gaps, and it needs to happen ASAP. Input is welcome, we are talking about a relaxed environment… an afternoon or two of process and networking. I will also be considering the swap meet as part of the function.

In reality we are talking about a radius from San Antonio to Houston and Dallas, with all of the rural towns connected, the network does not necessarily need to connect only in from the radius, it is important to remember those in the tribe that live outside of the radius. I will have help from those folks connected locally for this endeavor. The tribe gathering down South will be meeting without me, hopefully they will have success in making said connections out of their locale to help build the network.

I am not a patient man, and there is far too much to get accomplished, trying to juggle work, family and life and networking can be trying to say the least. We have already built a local network, and now that we will fill in the gaps, James has done a great job with attending and with communications to the other functions held all over the nation. It is now time to connect the dots. Priorities should be considered so should strategies, it should not take a frat boy to figure out what I am trying to do.

Our biggest successes thus far have been uniting and removing an obstacle that held the community hostage with division and poison. There has been some bruised egos of late in the community, this is normal and some what healthy, at some point there will be disagreements, there will also be times when certain individuals will conspire and reach for power, this is also normal, after all we are humans.

I do not agree with the fan fare of 1st tier and third tier, it’s hogwash. Ask the seed pimp and Che, I am sure they would agree. We all have a voice regardless of stats, do not think for one moment that there are not folks out there that equate blog stats with success or political positions. This thinking is backwards, we all have the power to make change and to be involved. Finding a way to communicate among ourselves and having the ability to network and to share ideas and fears is paramount. We will not survive if we do not tribe up, we must also control our food, water and livestock on a local level, and have the ability to network within the radius.

The success of the PatComs has already been established, as I stated earlier…. now it is time to fill the gaps, yes I am aware of the poison that has tried to down play not only the success but also the importance, this is being done solely because Che’s minions are still butt sore, so be it. How many like-minded folks live next door to you? How many folks are willing to open their door to you in the middle of the night? How many friends do you have willing to share stock piled non hybrid garden seed? It is being offered, all you need to do is reach out and accept the invitation to help build tribe.

Understanding the aspects of the Human Condition will help one not to get entangled in web of deceit cluttered all through out the old guard of our community, we must also be cognizant of those still using pages of the playbook of the old guard. It’s all really rather simple, humans are the ones trying to make it complex, think outside of the frat boys box folks.

Do not get caught up in preconceived boundaries, if you do not agree with me or how I conduct myself…. Then start your own network, hold your own function or PatCom. Take any ideas I or others may offer and expand on them, change them for your own benefit, the only thing I humbly ask is to quit living as a slave and do something proactive about it.


  1. Still running circles on that slave thing: part of my frustration as exhibited in recent mails. Apologies.
    One thing I can honestly say about the tiers as experienced at the latest Patcoms. The tier system was pushed by those at the top and the whole thing is BUNK! I have a readership that holds steady at 250-300 a day. YET! and YET, I have been known by everyone I have met at the patcoms as DIO! How? When I have such a tiny little blurb in the maelstrom of the blogosphere?
    Those that would like to say they are tier 1 belittle us, but look at the effect we, (you, Craig, Myself, others too many too list) that are not Tier 1 with 1000’s of readers a day, have had in less than 6 months. Groups are forming, ideas are getting discussed OPENLY, IN PERSON, and people are actually making plans for the big ‘What if’s” we have coming at us: Not as individuals, but as GROUPS.

    Yeah, Piss on the Tier System. I will keep yapping and rolling and the Frat Boys can have their circle jerk. I know where the real people are meeting.

  2. Tier system? Fuck that. Sounds like some kinda wanna be artificial oligarchy – and we’ve got enough of that shit running things now. It’s all about your immediate area Tribe and when the dust settles those that were smart enough to build tribe will be among the first to stand up from those ashes. Bill be ready for unwilling holes in that area. Little places like Florence and may work but when ya start getting in close to those urban centers they are more worried about catching up on drama TV than wake the hell up.

  3. Bill,

    You have any thoughts about comms under hostile conditions? Surplus MURS band radios would work, but they’re expen$ive. Anyone have some current experience with CB, as in some sort of encryption? When the party starts, pissing off the FCC isn’t going to be a concern. I see Dio is having issues with his computer, but I’ll shoot him and email anyway and see if we can’t cook something up.

    • jake,

      WP will not allow m to keep posting the link ( duplicate comment) please see my post on Meet and Greet.

  4. North Side of Austin. Been at this awhile. Would like to meet up with like minded.
    Any and all info related to meet ups appreciated.

    • Birdman,
      WP will not allow me to keep posting the link ( duplicate comment) please see my post on Meet and Greet.

    • Pappa,
      WP will not allow me to keep posting the link ( duplicate comment) please see my post on Meet and Greet.

  5. Gents thanks for all of the great feed back! I will have a post up this morning with some details of the next meet up.

    • Sean,

      WP will not allow m to keep posting the link ( duplicate comment) please see my post on Meet and Greet.

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