Zoomie can you make a graphic of SLS for me?

Sovereign citizens are known to travel the country conducting training seminars on debt elimination schemes. The seminars focus on obtaining funds from a secret “Strawman” account using legitimate IRS forms, UCC forms, and fraudulent financial documents. Sovereign citizens believe once the documentation is filed, they gain access to their “Strawman” account with the Treasury Department.

The purpose of this primer is to assist law enforcement in the identification of sovereign citizen extremist activity to prevent, detect, and/or deter acts associated with sovereign citizen criminal activity.


Some or all of the following may provide an indication of sovereign activity. However it is important to note these activities may also be indicative of lawful, innocent conduct and in some instances may constitute the exercise of rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. For these reasons, these indicators should be considered in the context of other suspicious behavior and the totality of the circumstances in which they are observed or reported.

■ Documentation may be mailed and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury Department or the Depository Trust Company
■ Documentation includes an “Apostille Number”
■ Documents contain the phrase “Accepted for Value”
■ Documents are notarized, even if not required
■ International postage rates is applied even for domestic mailings
■ All paperwork will be mailed using registered mail
■ Stamps will be affixed near the signature line or at the bottom corner of the page
■ Name written in all capital letters
■ Example: JOHN SMITH
■ Name will be written last name : first name
■ Example: Smith: John or Smith: Family of John
■ Zip codes enclosed in brackets
■ Example: [11233]
■ Presence of thumbprints on documents,
■ Typically in red or blue ink
■ Typically on or near a signature or seal
■ “SLS” may follow signature
■ “SLS” stands for “Sovereign Living Soul”

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  1. A Sovereign Citizens graphic? Talk to me. Email me. Describe what you want or what you are thinking.. I’m no Yoda Ronnie James Dio steal a bus kinda guy, motherfucker! 😉

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