15 thoughts on “MEET AND GREET 2012 TEXAS

  1. Get there people, you will not regret it. This is the way forward, screw that Obammy “forward” (into communism) crap. Time to get re-connected with real people in “meatspace”.

  2. Can you please PM me on putting together a flyer for the upcoming San Antonio area PatCom? I can post these in gun shops and small businesses to get some fine folks to your event. I have a few raffle ideas too. Thanks for all you do.

    -The Old Wolf Lady

  3. I saw Dallas mentioned and now local pub. If that is the general location then I think I could make the 3+ hour drive to hang out for the day without raising any eyebrows around my neck of the woods. I like the idea of a tribe meeting at the pub for a drink and talking of freedom … must be the Irish in me, so I may try to start doing that around here.

  4. I noticed that Dallas was mentioned and now meeting in a pub. If Dallas is a potential location then I can probably make the 3+ hour drive to meet some of you fine folks and get back to my neck of the woods before raising any eyebrows. I like the idea of meeting in local pubs and may try it around here.

  5. Bill,
    As per discussion: after this weekend,will put copper to glass for your gathering. Have a great weekend all!!


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