There is much that happens behind the curtain, I wished my comments this morning would or could be ” GASP WTF” They are not … sadly. Much of what I write in regards to the “Frat Boys” concerns this very subject, and yes it is rampant. The same holds true for the “Punch Bowl”

I am weighing in this morning because there is much Merit to what Sam has stated, I have seen it first hand. So have many others. Yet I speak for myself, if the others wish to come forward or not…. that is their business. I will not be offering specifics, why you ask?  You will soon see as it all plays out.

I am neither shocked nor offended……. Silly Humans. Disgusted would probably be more appropriate, again this is not a BREAKING story for many of us……. yet it is confirmation of what we had already suspected. Confused? If you follow my writings much of what might have confused shall come to light.

Have you ever read this from me? “Be Very Careful What You Ask For Folks”  Shall we play a little game this morning? Let us see who can accurately explain the conditions in the community that prompted the Frat Boys to take action, it’s easy and Sam gives a few details. Sorry no prizes. Remember local, local, local.

I ask one last question to those that knew about the story prior to Sam exposing said Frat Boys. Can you place the blogger with the name of one of the characters from Orwell’s  Animal Farm? Come on it’s easy.

Napoleon, Snowball, Boxer,   Squealer, Old Major, Clover, Moses, Mollie, Benjamin, Muriel, Mr. Jones, Mr.   Frederick, … Jessie and Bluebell

Read the rest of the sordid story here:  http://iiipercent.blogspot.com/2012/05/we-stand-apart.html

Here is what many of you probably do not know: A small group of folks who think themselves to always be the smartest men in the room deign to control “The Message” across the blogs of our community. This small group of bloggers, anchored and orchestrated by Baugh, decided to assign community blogs in a “Tier” system, a ranked hierarchy. Additionally, these folks deigned to determine which blogs would receive visitors based on their own value system. The intent is to sweep visitors into the proper “bin”, according to the decisions taken by the smartest guys in the room.

It is a classic “Good ol’ boys” system, a hierarchy of insiders attempting to control who succeeds and who fails, who says what to whom, based on “Their” desire to control “The Message”.

In a community supposed to be about honesty, integrity, morality and Liberty, the mere hint of such reindeer games is offensive.


  1. Yep gotta love the high school clique. MBV hasn’t even grad-ge-ated yet and some one else took over the group.

    The shit never changes and this should serve as a prime example to the folks that are just now waking up. Someone is always gonna try to be the big nacho at any cost. That’s reality. You just have to see which one is full of shit and turn the hose on them to clean things up.

    Keep plugging away Bill, You got some good shit. And it don’t taste like kewl aid.

  2. Sam knows the technical problems that keep me from commenting on many sites (the only reason I don’t comment more), so I’ll post my thoughts here (I tried over at his place already).

    I was noticing a trend among certain ‘key voices’ within the III community of blogs and was starting to connect some dots but after Sam’s post it makes much more sense.

    I don’t like being played. I don’t like good ole boys making plans in smoke filled back rooms that treat the rest of us like puppets to be controlled.

    Things are cold right now and I’ll let this slide off my back, but I hold a grudge and once you are written off in my book there is no restoration of trust. I think I speak for many of us, if you pull this shit when things get hot then you self-appointed ‘puppet masters’ will receive no quarter and will be counted among my enemies. I will not trade one tyranny for another even if it comes disguised as an ally. If any of you good ole boys are reading this, take it to be your “Don’t Tread On Me” warning. You will not get another from me.

  3. Wow.

    This is the internet, people.

    There’s nothing to control.

    While I won’t answer Christian Hyman’s charges, and I refuse to take the road of counter-attack, some of you folks should be careful of what and who you believe.

    My email contact is easily available on my site. Not one person has come to me one on one about this (you know, like a man). Instead it is used as a platform for self-aggrandizement.

    Be careful what cool-aid you drink. I speak my mind no matter who it pisses off.

    Nonconformity is offensive to would-be leaders.

    If you would like to confront me on any issue, any at all, email me at subzero at hush dot com.

    I doubt anyone will, however. That’s how these things go. The internet makes it easier.

    At least you allow me to comment on your blog, Bill. I appreciate it in spite of being a “frat boy”.


    • I don’t recall any names being thrown out here. I know Kerodin went public with his issues with you and presented a case that there is some concerted effort to manipulate the community and its message in a shady manner. I think there is an effort to control the message and funnel people to certain top tier sites that support a certain viewpoint. Anyone that reads beyond a few key sites can piece this together. If you are a part of a group of bloggers that are trying to use such a tactic then own it, admit it, and defend it. Honor, character, and integrity demand it. If you are not intentionally part of such a ‘program’ then own it, admit it, and defend it.

      I have no designs on being a puppet master or being part of the good ole boys club. My time in organizational leadership in religious institutions taught me all I need to know about such collectivist power players. I don’t play that game and I don’t play well with people who use such tactics to manipulate other people. If you are part of such a group then my statement applies to you. If you are not then don’t get your hackles raised. Either way the onus is on you to either man up and admit that Kerodin is correct and you are involved in such a ‘program’ or distance yourself from those who are using tactics that are employed by enemies of liberty to control the people and the message.

      • Either way the onus is on you to either man up and admit that Kerodin is correct and you are involved in such a ‘program’ or distance yourself from those who are using tactics that are employed by enemies of liberty to control the people and the message.

        Which is why I have distanced myself from Kerodin.

        I don’t recall any names being thrown out here.

        Don’t play that. The story linked to mentioned me by name.

        I am a BLOGGER.


        The only “onus” on me is to write whatever I feel like.

        I don’t really give a shit about your “tiers”, nor do I care about your “power plays”.

        Such accusations against me are stupid and simply untrue, in addition to being unfounded and unprovable. You’re the first person with the balls to talk to me about it though, I’ll give you that.

        Everyone else sniggers in the corner and talks about it behind my back, publishing lies -that’s right, lies– and censoring any attempt I make where those lies are spread to counter them.


        Power plays?

        You want to talk about power plays?

        Ask yourself why “Kerodin” feels the need to go after me publicly without making the least attempt to do so privately.

        Hard to get the glory and fulfill the inner need to “be right” if you do it privately.

        It’s much better to make a scene out of it.

        Power plays?



        You people need to wake up.



        • Just to make sure I am perfectly clear:

          You said:

          Either way the onus is on you to either man up and admit that Kerodin is correct and you are involved in such a ‘program’ or distance yourself from those who are using tactics that are employed by enemies of liberty to control the people and the message.

          Which is precisely why I have distanced myself from Kerodin.

          Kerodin is utterly wrong about me, I do not know about Tom Baugh (I was not there when this stupid teenage internet catfight was originated), and I cannot speak for Concerned American, as I don’t know. Neither does Kerodin.

          There’s a lot of folks in the so-called “community” who need to quit acting like pimply-faced AR-15 teenagers.

          The stupid, it just plain hurts.

          • Like I said, if you aren’t involved in some concerted effort to create a tier system that funnels people to certain sites to support a specific viewpoint and agenda then don’t get your hackles raised because my warning doesn’t apply to you.

            I wanted you to take the opportunity to state outright whether or not you are involved in such a thing. When I see bloggers saying the same things about precise issues (not broader concepts) and linking to others who are saying the same thing about very precise things then you can understand why Kerodin’s accusation makes sense. I know Tom Baugh supports a view of the Constitution that goes back to a book by Boston T Party over a decade ago … the same type of view that suddenly became a hot topic in the III blogosphere and is remarkably similar to what you have written recently. Again, you can understand why some of us see coordination.

            I personally don’t care what you believe about that issue because it is premature to talk about whether we follow the Constitution as ratified or start from scratch since freedom in America is still getting its ass kicked. As far as I’m concerned it’s just theory and if the day comes when such a discussion can actually affect reality, many of us won’t be around for it anyway.

            I do care when a select few people in the community think they are the smartest kids on the block and try to manipulate others and the message for their own agenda to control the rest of us and determine that all of us are equal, just some are more equal than others.

            Freedom is a messy business and there are some that say they are for liberty but in reality they seek to control the chaos of liberty. In my opinion that is the definition of tyranny and whenever I see or read about such actions, you can bet your ass I will ‘have the balls’ to do my talking in public. I’ve been in leadership in the church and I know that one on one meetings behind closed doors become a he-said he-said battle far too easily. I’m man enough to have these ‘spats’ in public, air out our differences, and move on either as allies or foes.

  4. huh…Not sure if this is for realsy or for fake….but I will admit. Somethin’ bout WordPress isn’t right…Obviously I’m paranoid…. and most of my ex’s friends are straight Linux douches….however, whats real ….is that some “my real life” girlfriends subscribe to my site…however…I can’t find any notifications…., like they don’t exist….this shit is wack…I’m not buying the premium membership…not ever..ever…. so since I still own my domains….realisticstuff.com and robincoxx.com (shameless i know)….fuckit….I guess I will GO call my DADDY.com. Otherwise I’m wasting my time….I could be working in a fast food restuarant with all this time I spend typin’ and shit. Nite boys.////


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