Here is what I have at the moment, we will be gathering for a Summer Texas PatCom. There has been great interest from folks in the San Antonio area, I suppose now is the time to start asking questions. Who is willing to travel? One day event? Meet at my place? Meet at a public restaurant or tavern?

Or do folks want me to call the shots? I already have support on my side of town to hold a small gathering, I do have room for anyone that might want to camp out, there is a country watering hole not far from my place, I will stop in today to check it out.

I am stuck in limbo at the moment, should I just have another BBQ at my place and invite all that wish to attend, the trip from San Antonio area is about three plus hours to my place. It would be nice to hold a function in San Antonio.

The ultimate goal is to bring like-minded folks together to help build a support network, this is not a militia, it’s average citizens coming together to build tribe and support. I have to assume most folks are preppers, I wish to share non hybrid garden seed, local connections in long-term food storage, I would also like to hold a swap meet.

Items I would like to help disperse during the swap meet would be bulk garden seed, food grade 5 gallon buckets and oxygen absorbers, those that have known me for a while understand I despise the pimps that take advantage of the novice preppers.

I have a young couple coming out to my place on Sunday to help them get ready to start their prepping journey, there is a local resale shop in my area that has a few thousand food grade 5 gallon buckets for 2 bucks a pop, and 55 gallon blue food grade barrels for 15 bucks a pop, I have access to 300 cc oxygen absorbers and bulk food from the Mormon Cannery, the cannery has not raised their prices in over two years, you can still get a 25 pound bag of dried beans for 18 bucks.

Have you been to Sams or Costco lately? The prices are going through the roof. The cannery is still selling the 300 cc oxygen absorbers for .10 each. I have a close friend who is willing to hold a seminar on survivalist, and he knows his stuff. I would also like to have the swap meet, to barter and trade ammo and guns and gear.

I can get bulk non hybrid garden seed for about 9-10 bucks per pound average from the local feed stores, but it must be ordered one week in advance.

If there was enough interest I might be able to convince a local silver dealer to attend and sell us some silver, he has a booth at the local gun shows. I would like to also consider silver to be used in all transactions if we hold a swap meet.

Perhaps we can make a run to the cannery, or I can pick the items up and have them ready for you, give me some feed back and let me know what you all are considering.

For those that do not have a cannery in their town I am attaching some of their unit prices.

1. Beans Black 25 lbs. $16.80

2. Beans Pinto 25 lbs. $18.55

3. Beans White 25 lbs. $16.00

4. Powdered Milk non fat 25 lbs. $47.20

5. Rice White 25 lbs. $13.85

6. Sugar Granulated 25 lbs. $21.15

7. Wheat Hard Red 25 lbs. $11.45

8. Wheat White 25 lbs. $11.45

9. Flour White 25 lbs. $13.30

10. Oxygen Absorbers 300 cc $.10

11 Mylar one gallon bags $.30

12 Dry Onions 35 lbs. $88.20

13. Potato Flakes 25 lbs. $33.30

14. Dry Carrots 25 lbs. $66.40

15. Spaghetti 25 lbs. $23.85

15 thoughts on “MEET AND GREET

  1. You know I am in, no matter where it is located. If you were to get enough attention from SAT and Austin, I would try to coordinate with Pickdog and see what y’all could come up with.
    As is, You know my mind on these matters, we need to build, and any get together at this point on a local scale is momentum.

    • Hello, I live in the San Antonio Area. Was talking with Ghost of Southern Indiana, he said I should check you out, If an oppertunity exists. Ghost and I go back 13 years. Dio and the ghost met last week @ China’s PatCom. Look forward to exchanging ideas. Will need directions and date @ your Convenience.

      • Send me an email from my site. Link should be in this blog roll. Diogenes:Freeholder (may be updated to freeroamer)
        Ghost is good people, been on the phone with him several times in the last week.

  2. 7.62mm, Let me assure brother that the Texans will make you feel very welcome and probably as I both times, found it very hard to pull away and leave. Bills place is about an hour north of Houston and his meet and greet would be worth the trip…2 hours less roadtime each way for you than me,lol…Should be beau coup Acadians of like mind in your AO….They love their freedom…

  3. Recently found your blog. Really interested in meeting up with like minded individuals in the greater SA area, and beyond. Looking forward to hearing more about date/location.

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