My mood has been very dark as of late, nothing earth shattering…. just modern-day life as we know it. My home no longer resembles a middle class adobe, I suppose there is some amount of comfort in its current state. I suppose eclectic would define the ammo cans and food stacked to the ceilings. People suck! There will always be opportunists, humanity is one hell of an oxymoron.

Wisdom comes in many shapes and forms, I happen to be the proud owner of understanding just how dark the mind is, reality is only a concept, the truth will never set you free. We sit here today at the precipice because of fellow humans, it was not supposed to be this way, work hard…. keep your nose to the grindstone and good things will happen. No not in this lifetime, and I am good with this… why? Because some of us are not afraid of the dark.

Some of us have fought off evil intentions and thoughts for a lifetime….why? Because we were told this is what you must do to get to heaven and it’s what’s right. And in the end we came full circle to understand darkness rules the day. So I will continue to prepare and prep, after all wisdom tells me I must…. why? Because darkness falls soon. And I am OK with this!

The angst, anger and rage will soon have a canvas. What I have always known, in the end is… reality. We can’t change what is about to be painted on the canvas….. And I am OK with this! Hunker down, bug out, pick your poison, it all matters not because the universe dictates the canvas must be painted. We still have time to prep, we still have time to play out in our minds just how the revenge will be exacted.

The PTB have been able to keep a lid on the powder keg for a very long time….. Times up fuckers. And I am OK with this.



  1. Great commentary as if the voices in my head had written it…

    Steady your heart brother, we WILL get through this come hell or high water, one way or the other.

  2. What Ranger said.
    Economy and weather dictated a day off up here today. Probably should have waited to imbibe before i heated the copper for ya,and it cracked dammit!
    Oh well, you will have it eventually. Back to it.
    (imbibing that is)

  3. You’re right brother! I have kept my mouth shut (mostly) and have kept my true feelings bottled up (mostly) and have kept my wants and desire in check(mostly). I too feel the end is near and continue to stock up as my meager income allows.

  4. Man, that pretty much sums up how I feel lately. Don’t give a fuck, gonna keep on doing my thing for as long as I can, and piss on anyone who gets in my way. And I am OK with this : )

  5. I’ve had a wierd feeling for a while now. Kinda like what you wrote. And yep, we have to get ready for the unexpected when it happens. Resist and unite.
    Papa Mike

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