I look for patterns, I also try to be as intellectually honest with myself as my feeble mind will allow. This current pattern that the prepping should be completed and it’s time to step off onto the green…..I suppose I got left out on that memo, even when the skirmishes begin we will still need to eat, what about the young ones and the women folk, will they not have a desire for a full belly?

I suppose in the spirit of things I understand the underlying intent, yet this is serious business and food and wares must be stockpiled, perhaps I am the only one who understand the premise of food and drink for my family, neighbors and like-minded folks?

Most are waiting for some magical event to appear that will allow us to know the party has started… sorry to disappoint, the party has already started. There will be no spark because it has already occurred. We are at war with our own federal government now, it has already begun. Need I list the examples of the dead or the oppressed? I think not, it is documented ad nauseum on the sphere daily.

Stepping off of the porch onto the green….. We are in the very early stages of revolution and or civil war with the Federal Yankee, but make zero mistake about it, it has begun. JBT, drones with missiles this folks is not hop scotch it is combat. Keep preparing and stocking up, throw the kitchen sink at it, same goes with ammo and guns. The resistance will take heavy tolls when the party really gets moving, how the hell are you going to feed a resistance?

Those that live near the coastal areas that are prone to hurricanes can probably relate, if you have never seen grocery stores down to bare shelves and the gas pumps empty and folks waiting in line for water or MRE’s being passed out by the National Guard, then you might not be able to relate. The food chain is going to be interrupted and when it does…… Please be very careful when advising folks on stocking up, it’s never too late and it’s never enough.

For those critics of mine that will state the contrary in regards to already being at war…. strap on your heater and walk down town and wait for it. It really was not that long ago that we could walk out in public with long guns, I used to ride my bicycle as a kid with my 30/30 strapped on my back, I could walk in the barbershop set it in the corner and get a haircut, hell we used to drive around with our guns in the gun racks of our trucks.

You want to jump off of the porch, hell have at it, might as well just dive off that son of a bitch, you will still need to eat. I almost forgot the Frat Boys still have not elected a LEADER, how the hell are you going to march on the green screaming WOLVERINES without an elected leader?


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  2. The wolves in sheep clothing….
    Just remember “loose lips, sink ships” Don’t tell to many what you have. It’s none of their business what I have except for the “tribe”.
    Papa Mke

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