I sit here today not unlike the days prior giggling like a school girl, the frat boys are wetting themselves with their delight on the events in DC tomorrow. They will vote on Holder…… SPARKLIES you fucking morons.

The last Cabinet member to be cited by a congressional committee for contempt was Attorney General Janet Reno in President Bill Clinton’s administration. That was never brought to a follow-up vote in the full House.

Technically, if the full House approves the Holder contempt citation, there could be a federal criminal case against him, but history strongly suggests the matter won’t get that far.

The only piece of advice I might offer to the frat boys is this….. Please cover your furniture in plastic, it will prevent the piss stains. I grow weary of the Frat Boys and their shenanigans. So now supposedly Che has enemies in the office of the POTUS and the Justice Department to also include the Secretary of State… REALLY? REALLY?

While Rome burns Che and his KLAN chase sparkiles and convince the circle of Frat boys justice shall be served, if you have not figured it out yet…… Che is misleading the community and doing the masters bidding, I might also add he is doing a rather fine job.

Sending guns into Mexico has been going on for years, yet we all know this don’t we? It’s really sad to think just how naïve the community really is and just how easily their opinions and thought process can be swayed.

Yes we have ONE dead Border Agent,  HOW MANY OTHERS HAVE DIED at the hands of the Federal Yankees and state and local JBT? How many judges sit on the bench everyday in this nation and break the rule of law? How many Senators and Congressmen sit in office and ingratiate their friends and family?

Macro or Micro? I am sorry if this is giving most a headache, it’s really quite rudimentary. Please let me know when you Frat Boys pick your new leader, I am curious to see how it works out for you.

We are at war, and most don’t or can’t comprehend it, the first salvo was fired long ago, think I am lying? Perhaps the death counts and prisons, and SWAT stack teams will change your minds? Nah it would be far too logical and a complete leap of faith from the Che Doctrine.

Please enjoy your shackles, they only hurt for a short time, you should already be used to the chaffing.

7 thoughts on “THE MASTERS BIDDING

  1. The frat boys are used to the chaffing and the knee pads. It’s their badge of courage. They don’t need KY either.
    Papa Mike

  2. ps: Nice 40K reference there Bill. Here’s another…

    Smite now the scions of the Fallen!
    Grant us the strength to pierce their unclean flesh!
    To cover their fields with the pale form of their blasphemous dead!
    To drown the thunder of guns with the shriek of their dying!
    To lay waste to their citadels with hurricanes of fire!
    To wring the hearts of their kin with unavailing grief!
    To send them into the waste of their desolate land…
    in rags and hunger, broken in spirit, worn with travail and begging for the refuge of the grave.
    We ask it, in the spirit of wrath, O Master of Mankind!”

  3. “Justice” is never served in the upper tiers. Only us “peons” who aren’t “above the law”, or can’t afford high powered attorneys are “served justice”

    • Oh I am not so sure about that Craig. Karma is a bitch and she always is paid. We just may not see it on this plane.

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