I was a goner, EMS got to me just in time. I suppose it was not my time to go. I am still in the hospital, I had to fight death hard, and I gave it one hell of a run. I am almost out of the woods, they may release me in the morning. If not for the Texas Bugman I very well might be dead. We did not have access to 911 for some reason.

I am a fighter and I fought like hell yesterday, I had to if I wanted to live.

I knew I was in big trouble and I also knew I was not going to live if I did not get help and soon, there was no time to pray or ask for forgiveness to the creator, I am glad to still be kicking, I am weak, mostly from the struggle to keep alive and to keep conscience.

My better half was a champ and she also helped to save me, she begged me to call 911 much earlier and sadly I did not listen.

Thank you better half, thank you JR, and thank you Chris the Texas Bugman, I live today because of you all.

Bill Nye


  1. Wow, didn’t expect this. Great job and listen to your better half next time:) You gotta’ get ready for another PACON/M after all!

  2. Damn Bill, listen to your lovely wife next time, although hope there is not a next time…Thanks to Bugman for having your sixth…take better care of yourself, you’d be hard to replace….and your son still needs his Dad

  3. Yeah, my mom tried that not calling EMS thing. After a sleepless painful four hours, she literally fell on me asleep in the bed and said “I hurt- fix.” Then she insisted I drive her to the clinic. Needless to say, they took one look, and screamed for EMS. She lived another two years. I miss her a lot. Listen next time. You married her because she was beautiful AND smart. 😉 Don’t leave me now, your writing keeps me grounded and semi-sane.

  4. I already posted on your next post first. Dude, I’m glad you made it! Sounds like something happened to me last June. Seriously catch your breath and get better.

  5. A few months ago I liked to died myself. I was in a coma for three days. The friggen hospital never told me what caused it. I have a pain pump inside of me and they tried to pass it off as a drug over dose. But there were NO DRUGS found in my blood. I think I had a mild stroke. If it wasn’t for my wife getting up earlier than usually I would be dead. My blood sugar fell to 20, thats bad.
    You listen to your wife Bill…..please…stay with us. There’s to much for you to do yet.
    Papa Mike

  6. Let me know if you ever want to chat about the Creator and His Grace, salvation is so simple and free.

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