14 thoughts on “PROGRESS

  1. Good to see you’re still here, Bill, best wishes for your health to improve. And many thanks to those who helped you.


  2. I hope you feel better than you look.

    Must’ve been something pretty bad to lay you low like that.

    My best wishes and hopes for your continued improvement, I second you getting out of that germ factory ASAP.


  3. Damn Brother,been off line a few days. Didn’t even know you were in trouble. I am glad ya are a fighter. Will say a prayer for ya cuz! Get out there soon. Godspeed!!


  4. You must be doing better…..your trying to be a movie star and keeping your blog.
    You get out of the hospital before they give you something bad……remember…listen to your wife when you get home. They know more about you than you would ever think.
    Papa Mike

  5. Damn dude! Ya gotta take care of yourself or all of this is for naught. Listen to M, she is a smart cookie and has your back more than any one else in this world.
    But you don’t need me giving you advice. We are the same, bulldoggedly stubborn and gotta get it done attitudes that won’t quit, so I do get it.
    Get better and get out of the death mill hospital.

  6. “Let’s go, Doc. Make it tight. Get me back in this shit. ..” From Tears of the Sun. You’d probably prefer a nice glass of tea on the porch, but here it comes, and we do need you. That said- take care of you first. Without that, you can’t take care of anybody else.

  7. I’m sorry to here you are not feeling well. Spent the last week with one of my girlfriends….complications of a pregnancy…Being of service to someone I love…ten times more productive than whatever I was doing with my blog. Hmmm. “country club of the blogosphere”. No shit. Heading up north soon to learn how to camp. Apparently, I’m behind the eight ball. 🙂 Feel better.

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