I am back to work, today will be my last day of meds. I want to thank all of those that inquired about my health. Seems I should have known better, just another lesson learned….. the hard way.

I purposely did not post anything yesterday, what would it have accomplished? Yes I am well aware I tend to piss folks off in the community, and you want to know what? I don’t give a flying fuck! I have come to the realization that there are very few, did I say Very Few? Folks in the community that I can say I have respect for.

Far too many so-called patriots are far too concerned with stats and followers, they write what their audience wants to hear. The patriots blogosphere has turned into Facebook, it really amazes me just how fucking stupid people are. We have a frat club within a frat club. Too snarky for you this morning? Too bad!

I have been spending a lot of time reading the comments on various blogs, all I can say is God help us all.  I got to spend the afternoon with a good friend yesterday, I also had the privilege to fire a gun that had been buried since the first Clinton administration, and it fired flawlessly.

There will come  day when I will either be shot or dragged from my home and arrested because of my dissention, who will be there to back me up? How many liberty loving freedom fighters will be by my side to fend off the stack? Shall I pose the question another way? How many in the community had the balls to agree publicly on their blogs with my perspective?

Oh yes behind closed doors and channels……. yes Bill you are so right. Yet how many would actually stand up in public and place their god given name to the said perspective they stated they concurred with?

In all fairness there were many commenters that either stated their agreement or disagreement…. Yet the bloggers remained silent, just as they will when the stack is at YOUR front door.

Please continue to enjoy the country club blogosphere, just make damn well sure you replace your divots, because in all actuality that’s all that matters….. filling in your divots so the Tee looks pretty. See you at the poolside later for cocktails and hors d’œuvre.

Perhaps I am just pissy from the medication, or I just might have it right.

15 thoughts on “DIVOTS AND COCKTAILS

  1. After a trauma you tend to gather yourself in a different prospective. I did after I was in a coma for three days. I gathered my thoughts and made a life changing decision. I knew what had to be done and I’m doing it. I’m now ready for the fight, I just wish I could freely travel. This friggen wheelchair puts a huge restriction on me and traveling but Im prepared for it.

    There are to many bloggers that are mainly “keyboard warriors”, the type that would curl up in a fetal position when they heard the first “crack” of a bullet goin’ over their heads. They are having fun stirring up the readers. But when comes the time for what they are preaching……well, we know where they will be ?

    YOU aren’t one of those cowards and your readers that post comments aren’t that type either. They seem to all “get it”.
    I would be proud to stand with you and fight the good fight. I just don’t give a frig about the rules. There aren’t any rules anymore. The fight has begun.

    I’m really glad your health is improving, you’re needed in your community.
    Papa Mike

  2. “Piss on golf. Practice the American Martial Art, Gun fighting.” Lt. Col. D. Grossman. Probably about 3% will stand behind you, it will be enough.

  3. Good to see you’re back to being yourself, keep healing, as PapaMike said you’re needed. The tipoff isn’t too far away, should be an interesting rest of the year.

  4. I’ll be there to back you up, but you knew that already. Glad you’re okay Brother. Keep on pluggin’…

  5. Pissy from the meds? Hell ya sound normal to me! Glad your on the mend Bro! Fuck the stats. If I ever get my Blazer straightened out,I would back most all you crazy fuckers in Texas! Kinda taken a break.But reading a bit when I can.Get well Bro!

  6. Had my own confrontation with my mortality several years ago. Almost dying has a way of changing a man’s perspective on life, what’s important, and also helps one see through people’s bullshit. You already had that latter quality and glad to see you’ve still got it. Glad you’re still with us. We can’t afford to lose men like you right now.

  7. I’m glad yer back and getting to be more like yourself. You know where I stand, all by myself too, way over here. makes me wish I was closer to the real patriots over by you. I’m surrounded by the entitlement mentality here!

    • mmpaints, You are not alone…. I think of you often and I pray for you often, your struggle is heart wrenching, please know you are not alone and my thoughts and prayers are offered daily. God bless Bill Nye

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