I have stated in the past and will REPEAT myself again….. The war has already begun, there is zero reason to gaze to the horizon for the spark. The old system is dying…… very slowly. We are witnessing the implementation of the new system.

The pain will get worse, much worse. Did I happen to mention local, local, local?  The mass die off has already begun, the deck is stacked, got food? Got preps? Got ammo? But I don’t need to tell you all this right?

I had a few interesting conversations at a gathering this weekend, sadly I am still odd man out even with conservative family members that seem to think the Baby Jesus is going to save us all, and this is still America.

These are good christian folks that work hard and take good care of their families, they are aware and alert to some degree, I come across as an alarmist to them, regardless if my assessments were correct in the past…….. the mind is a terrible thing to waste. The fact that I would spend my treasure prepping for others that I have yet to meet, all the while stating the inn is closed even to family members is quite shocking for some.

I prep and I plan accordingly, I also get to chose who will get to share my treasure when the time comes, I have heard the bragging in the past just how much money these folks have made with their investments and “wise choices” all the while I was squandering my cash on toys and “camping gear”

I will continue to prep and to plan, and yes I am only able to fire one gun at a time, I failed as an American, I did not do what was required to keep our nation free, I took an oath and ignored it in the past, I will have to pay a heavy toll, so will YOU. My comprehension of my failings is complete……..I now have to make amends and pay what I can forward…. with my treasure.

I owe big time for my failings as an American, I will pay the dept I owe. People will need to eat, they will need a place to sleep, I understand time is running out, do you?

Pay it forward folks, prep like mad. After all we failed, and now we owe. PAY IT FORWARD.




21 thoughts on “PAY IT FORWARD

  1. I constantly hear about new golf clubs and vacations, and that I am missing out on the good times by purchasing guns, ammo, silver and supplies. I too am an alarmist. 3% is enough.

  2. “I owe big time for my failings as an American, I will pay the dept I owe. People will need to eat, they will need a place to sleep, I understand time is running out, do you?”

    I agree and owe the very same debt. Good post Brother!

  3. You’re preaching to the choir man. I’m the odd man out in my extended family. I try to stock up on the necessities that will give me and my family a chance when shit really gets bad, all the while friends and family around me focus on bigger homes, more cars, etc., etc. I get lots of advice to stop “wasting” money by the financially savvy. Yet unlike them, I never complain about losing tons of money gambling in the stock market because my investments are in things that serve a real purpose for the coming storm.

  4. I’d like to suggest that we haven’t failed as Americans, or ignored the Oath, I will suggest we just haven’t been called to the dance yet or had to uphold part of the Oath until now. For whatever it’s worth, I agree, there will be a heavy toll, how heavy? we’ll find out soon enough. Hopefully our efforts will be sufficient to cover the debt, but if not at least we tried.

    • Really? What part of “shall not be infringed” have you not understood? What parts of the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments which are so blatantly violated on a daily basis have you not understood? You need to be called? The call has been going out for five fucking years and more.

      • Craig, it looks like I should have typed that differently. Yes, I know what’s been happening, all the blatant violations of the Constitution, the Citizens who have been murdered. My suggestion was given in the frame of thought that American Mercenary posted on his website last year on Dec.25, here’s the quote:
        “I’ve been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve lost friends. Sometimes I feel guilty that I survive when kids not old enough to buy beer end up in the grave. One of the ways I deal with that guilt is to remind myself that while my mission to Uncle Sam may be over, God still has work for me to do. I’ll get to die when that work is done, and I pray that I’m up to whatever challenge that it may be.”
        You can ignore the reference to God, if you want, what I’m thinking of is the point he made that the job isn’t over yet, that he’s willing to wait for future events to go to work. The future will happen soon enough, I’ll step up when it’s time, until then I’m going to keep preparing.

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  6. You touch on why I am doing what I am. Elected, three terms, as Mayor. Before you think me crazy, know that I am actually prepping an entire town and surrounding areas. Doing what I can. You see, I have so much (so many amends to make) to make up for. Living amends, made to the living. And so little time in which to do it. Yes, we will be ready. We will have to be. Besides, I can’t run anymore. LOL! Thanks for the post!

    Still studying and observing, in ET. Soffit.

    • Soffitrat, there are many salt-of-the-earth preppers who would like to be involved with a “whole town” of preppers.
      Most of us have the same problem, we appear to be alarmist to our family and friends and only have a limited few neighbors we can trust enough to talk about prepping with.
      It would be nice if you could PM me and see if we can be mutual of benefit.

  7. I used to have a golf bag full of golf clubs and balls, now it’s filled with guns and ammo. I was a child then and I’m an adult now my priorities have changed. Games are over, survival is more important. My family and tribe are more important. Their survival is more important.
    Papa Mike

  8. I would be willing to bet .. anyone reading this… $100.00 that they will never get to use their fortress of paranoia… their stash of kill em all.. You all are the biggest pussies… all this talk of fuckem all im going to kill someone when they come to get mine… you are fucking pathetic..

    Really??? You would fuck family over for a bunch of fat ass cammo wearing homos you have never met? If the future is left to the likes of bastards like you… Heaven help us all…

    You all have demonstrated how big of pussies you really are because they have already taken everything and you pussies let them along with the rest of us.. instead of buying a bunch of cammo and ammo you will never use.. why don’t you all engage in something useful like the political process or heaven forbid, genuine person inter relationship with real friends and family that you see regularly.. not just through the porthole of internet fantasy..and maybe lose about 70 pounds of ugly fat and become useful to civilized society??

    Fuck you paranoid assholes.. You all might be the biggest losers of this whole mess…. because when it turns around… and it will.. trust me.. you will be left holding your peckers, mad because you never got the opportunity to shoot your neighbor or cousin from your sandbagged garden shed.. and in the process of it all alienated everyone you might have had the opportunity to have real relationship with…

    Fuck you all … you make me sick…

    • William,
      There is clarity in anger.
      There is certainty in hate.
      Both clarity and certainty are conclusions.
      The arrival at either does not guarantee the verity of the journey there.

    • I actually hope you’re right – as does everyone here – but that’s not the way to bet.

      Hopefully you’ll remember you said this if and when – G*d forbid – the time comes.

      I’m sure if you tell them how much you hate us, they’ll eat you LAST…

    • William, I wish your tirade were correct. Unfortunately after having watched this train head down the tracks with great interest for the last 11 years, almost like a car wreck that you can’t turn away from, and after taking many of the things which have transpired during that timeframe (events, legislation, etc.) and assembled all of those puzzle pieces together…you’d either have to be a completely deluded idiot, one of the people pulling the strings and making the policies who is doing their part at taqiyya here with this comment, a pawn on the chess board who has a vested intrest in the status quo and for that reason is unwilling to look at the big picture and in the mirror for fear of what might be discovered, or an ostrich.

      Which one are you?

    • Well little Willy,

      Your opinion should matter to us why?
      Yeah that’s what I thought, another gay urban liberal,
      taking a break from his latte, and masseur classes to
      put down people he knows nothing about. I will take your bet duche-nozzle.
      The only problem is you will dead long before I get a chance to collect.

  9. William I accept your bet and I hope I lose.
    I never want to kill another living being if I can help it.
    When the time comes to settle up where should I
    send your check or would you prefer gold?

  10. Bill,

    Bless you for your efforts Brother. But the horse that won’t drink now, will die come the drought.
    Don’t distribute the seed stock prior to collapse. Save them, guard them and a month after the
    shit storm hits open a Trading Post/ Barber/ Med clinic. You should have enough local support in your AO by then to keep it safe and open. People will flock to trade/barter for the seeds you have. And you can choose whom to grant charity, based on your principles.

    You and your tribe don’t have to be pillars of the community now, you DO need to be the FOUNDATIONS of community after C-Day.

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