” A hero will rise” I must admit it cracks me up. I havent checked in with the frat boys in a while, I wonder if they have elected their new leader, granted there are still many that are still guzzling punch over at Che’s place. Let me pose a question to the frat boy community…… do you folks understand you are being used in experiments?

When controversial material is posted and the frat boys argue and debate ad nauseum, you know the old dissect a frog until it’s mush routine, much of this is to see how people respond…. call it a litmus test of sorts, yes it is also control. The silly frat boys do not have a clue, I should have remained silent on the matter, but you know me I can’t help myself sometimes.

Many of the frat boys have endured this pseudo psychological testing for some time and records are being kept, don’t forget if you have been in phone contact with Che….. he has the conversation recorded.

Sam K. recently upset a few of the frat boys, if you have read any of it…. his logic is spot on, of course only the frat boys would or could argue differently. Of course my perspective is that of a cynical asshole, I learned long ago humans could not be trusted and most will play reindeer games to stack the deck in their favor.

There is something to be said in regards to lurkers, I happen to lurk more than I comment, it gives me a few days to digest what I have read and to look at all of the proposed angles, now the frat boys….. man they can’t wait to add their two cents, albeit an emotional two cents or just flapping the gums two cents, this is good because the experiments continue and the evaluations continue to be catalogued.

Did I happen to mention you frat boys are being used? Oh I did OK. Now why don’t you head over to Che’s place for a nice cool drink of punch and you can catch up on the sparklie du jour. Keep all of those great comments coming, and by all means stick that scalpel into the frog one more time.

Will someone please keep me in the loop when the new hero errrr merry leader gets vetted, meanwhile I will be hitting up the Mormon Cannery today, I might also stop by Sam’s Club for some MORE long-term food storage. LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL. Get it?….I didn’t think so. Can you say lab rats?

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