You all know who this man is, his name will never be typed on this blog, he shall only be referred to as TRAITOR… here is why.

Because of a pending lawsuit I can’t give many of the specifics, but this much I can tell you, In the State of Texas this traitor was hired for a grand opening of a gun range, mind you I said this happened in Texas….. the gun range and store here in Texas would not allow customers to enter their store if they were carrying their legal concealed heater, they were turned away and told to place their legal concealed heater in their vehicles.

Why? Because the traitor said so, apparently this is the contractual obligation he forces those who wish to pay him un-godly sums of money to show up and allow the un-washed to kiss his USMC ring. And of course the gun store owner complied.

Now frat boys go back to drinking Che’s punch, he just refreshed the bowl.

Did I state this happened in TEXAS?


  1. Doesn’t surprise me in the least. I met him at an air show here several years ago. He was more interested in selling DVDs and bobble-head dolls of himself than he was in talking to a fellow Marine.

    He came across as being very full of himself at the time, and I wrote him off as a colossal douche bag.

    I thought, “Semper Fi, motherfucker.”

    Fuck him.

  2. NO, NOT IN TEXAS? What a douche bag, wait Zoomie already said that.
    A gun range store not allowing legal concealed potential customers in the doors does not make sense. It’s a shame the owner doesn’t “get it”. I sure would stay away from that business. Where is it ? I want to be sure I won’t be going there.
    Papa Mike

  3. I took this pic, so you can do whatever evil you want with it!

    From my blog post about the air show:

    So, the next thing we did was go over to see US Marine legend *********.

    Like I said, ****** was in the Corps. At one time, I also dabbled in all things Marine Corps-ish.

    With those two thoughts in my head, I figured I’d run into ***** and we’d have one of those Band of Brothers, once-a-Marine always-a-Marine, backslapping, handshaking, swear-word-sharing moments.

    I don’t think ***** got the memo.

    Seeing as I’m afraid of no man, Hollywood legend or not, I walked right up to ***** and said, “Hey *****! How about a cold beer? You look like you need one.”

    He looked up from autographing one of his $25 DVDs and said, “No thanks. I don’t drink beer. I graduated from that a long time ago.”

    This could mean one of two things:

    1-Beer is for wussies. I drink hard liquor…like Zima, so disappear, scumbag!

    2-I don’t drink at all (which is fine). Alcohol is for losers, and you are a loser, Zoomie. Get away from me, you sorry piece of amphibian feces!

    Then he took a sip of coffee.

    I think ***** is probably too worried about making a buck from selling autographed bobble heads of himself to share an intimate, esprit de corps time out with a fellow Marine.
    That’s what I think.

    Semper Fi, Eff

  4. Jeez, a mediocre movie or two and a low rated cable show and the guy thinks he’s some kinda prima donna. How tall is he? I didn’t know they stacked shit that high…

  5. Honestly Fellas I am bummed I seen him in a real deal interview once on the Corp he seemed genuine. Loved the Siege of the firebase Gloria,cheesy yet good. Thats what happens when you don’t thoroughly research a subject,any subject – lesson learned.Goes to the top o the asshole list! Zoomie I am not a Marine Corp legend hell not even a Marine but I will slug a beer with ya anyday! Hell maybe Sun.


  6. And despite the fact that he can get around well enough to film series, write, act, fly to do appearances, drive, hunt, fish, film commercials etc etc etc etc etc etc (making millions-which i don’t begrudge) he is on “disability” (which i do)from the military. He is a piece of shit with no honor

  7. Wow! That’s really disappointing to learn that someone I always kinda looked up to is such an asshole. I used to tune in to shit if I knew he was in it. Fuck him!

  8. Why do I find myself NOT surprised by this. May be that I have been amongst the ‘hollywood elite’ a time or two . I find that smarmy nature to be disgusting but just like that elite power trip that happens when a new politician enters the sphere of influence in DC; similar happens to those that get their names on the Marquee.
    They still have to drop their trousers to shit, they still bleed red, and they still fall apart with time, the same as the rest of us.
    No surprise on my end though.

  9. Sorry for the off-topic, but I just went to see what Kenny had to say today over at Knuckledraggin my life away; his blog is GONE!!
    Anyone know what happened?

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