For those in the know….. we have major issues with the 2012 corn crop here in the US.,0,780584.story

Dire is not the word to use yet… but understanding you are not in control should be understood, my order of 100 pounds of Dent open pollinated field corn seed should deliver early next week, I will then IF available order another 100 pounds.

Yes I am on yet another local, local, local rant, yet if you understand how I operate you know how to read in between the lines by now. How empowering is it to control your own food source? Do not rely on the commercial farmers of the government…. you will starve so will your family.

Anyone care to pull out the crystal ball and guess how much I am paying for the corn seed per 50 lb. bag? I will help you all out, $65.00  per sack. Now go online and check out the prices from the PREPPER Seed Pimps. Yes your fellow community members that are getting filthy rich selling you all doom and gloom, and at a very high margin of profit.

Ahhhhh that’s all water under the bridge at this point, yes? Of course you all know this, no?

I keep a fairly large seed vault, a few hundred pounds of non hybrid seed, I am adding to this in the next few weeks, above and beyond the recent corn seed. How valuable will the seed be in the future? My crystal ball states more than gold.

Yes I know I am being all preachy, good! I have also implemented a REVISED plan to help distribute seed, ammo and food stock, revised because sometimes the best plans turn to shit because fellow humans are involved.

You can lead a horse to water….. well we all know the rest of the story, no? I would like to get as many folks prepped as possible, sadly the interest has been dismal, anyone have any ideas? I am open to any and all ideas on how to get the community ready, it could be small distribution centers run from key locations, but remember the hardest aspect is the shipping.

This is why I tried so hard to fill in the gaps, full circle……. sadly it fell upon deaf ears. John Lipscomb was wrong about many things, yet he was spot on in regards to the community.

Local, local, local. You can’t eat dirt.



6 thoughts on “YOU CAN’T EAT DIRT

  1. Bill,
    I live in SWLA in pretty much the same climate as you (hot ,humid….and very f’ing wet right now) and was wondering how you handle bulk seed storage. I’ve got 10 fertile acres that I don’t currently farm other than a small garden but want to get some seed for a larger scale while I still can…….and can still f’ing afford it.

  2. I’ve got an acre of earth tones dent right now. The drought (so. Illinois) has put a hurt on it but I’ll still get a decent crop for myself nut not enough to feed critters with. It makes nice corn meal. The row farmers in my area are ruined, their field corn is living off the anhydrous ammonia. Can you say poison feed corn? The sheep have no clue what’s coming for them…

  3. You can’t drink dirt either. Lake Corpus Christi is at 25%, CC and Choke Canyon combined less than 50%. PERSISTENT drought conditions. Oh, but the putting greens are all thick and lush, and the Beemers are clean and shiny… Do you think that crowd has anything more than a case of Perrier in the garage? Never mind the FSA types…

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