I have been very busy with my preps, no need to go into the specifics other than I am going through a cycle of dehydrating, every day I load my food dehydrator with 20 + pounds of either beef or vegetables. It is a lot of work but the long turn benefits are worth it. I also have made several more runs to the Mormon cannery.

We need to have another conversation about lab rats, yes there are those in the community who prefer to drink heavily from the punch bowl, they record phone conversations and have very close ties with important folks within the alphabet agencies, this did not just happen over night either, it has been a very long-term relationship massaged over decades.

If you havent figured it out by now… you are on your own, no keyboard internet Rambo former militia leader will help save you, you are on your own and you need to understand local, local, local. You need to be a leader in your own back yard. Stay far from the punch bowl….. it’s filled with poison and deceit.

Allow the lab rats to drink the poison, think for yourself, come to your own conclusions. Sam made a few remarks today in regards to slavery…. he is spot on. I also liked his idea of the magazine:

My Dent corn seed is supposed to arrive to today, I am exited and ready to put it up. I also have been adding to my collection of seeds, I scored big time on peach seeds from a peach tree orchard that is well over a hundred years old. I also managed to stockpile some grape seed, grape seed and peach pits are a little tricky to get started, you must trick them into thinking it’s winter.

I am now in the position to add goats to my small place. Master Yoda brought me a few roosters that were raised by some Buddhist Monks, they are something to watch. Master Yoda spent some time at my place recently, he is one hell of a guy, although he loves to argue.

Master Yoda is pushing me to hold another meeting, not too sure about it at the moment, he seems very concerned about this winter. More later on that particular subject. Stay safe…. stay good!  And for gods sake stay away from the punch bowl.


  1. Another meeting would be a good thing. Argue as he might, Master Yoda got that name for a reason, as you well know. I’d love to come up and pick his brain some more…

  2. “you are on your own, no keyboard internet Rambo former militia leader will help save you”

    Ain’t that the truth. I’m already pretty content in the fact that most of us will probably die like dogs in the street. Myself included. Oh well. All my family and a good portion of friends think I’m crazy now. And I’ll admit, the overall isolation because of my beliefs, is killing my spirit. So I’m content walking with the living dead and pretending a bit longer, like a traitor in my own country. Until a realistic option comes along. More than anything, I think that you guys are absolutely on point and I applaud everyone of your efforts to the fullest.

    I think I’m just going to continue learning how to help people. I’ve got a caregiving certificate. Next I’m going to attempt my CNA. And pray for the best. 🙂

  3. M/Y is dead on target. There’s going to be some food shortages come this winter given the drought and prices will be through the roof if the entire damn thing doesn’t collapse by then. Goats are a good idea Bill – I got a few and haven’t regretted it yet. Another small footprint resource is rabbits – we started with two in a small hutch and the damn things breed faster than I can build hutches.

    The punchbowl? A total dead end. Nothing is going to come out of the sideshow beyond bread and circuses. Those that waste their energy engrossed in it are going to find themselves in a bad spot for lack of real tribe when the time comes.

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