The US corn crop is in big trouble, and it will not get better. This also means the seed crops are failing as well.

I took delivery of another 100 pounds of open pollinated yellow dent corn seed yesterday. I have placed another order for next week, I have no clue how long my luck will last. I am placing an order every week and pay for the seed as my weekly paycheck comes in.

Obviously the seed prices are going to go through the roof, so will food and gas. I am considering a few things……. I do not want to become a ” seed pimp” yet the seed has value and it is also an investment. As time marches on the seed will increase in value exponentially.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Is there a market for non hybrid corn seed? I know there sure as hell will be one very soon. Same goes with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Again I am not pimping …… yet. It would be foolish to dump right now, the crisis will worsen and the demand will increase. Thoughts or suggestions? Is there anyone out there that might be interested in bulk purchases from my source while it lasts? I pay cost-plus ten percent on all of my bulk seed.

I made this offer available to others in the community behind closed doors, no one was interested, or I should say very little interest was shown. The corn crop failure will be in the billions, yet keep in mind Canada also grows corn.–ontario-s-corn-crop-withers-under-drought And it’s in trouble as well, not as bad as the US.

June 28, 2012|Reuters

U.S. corn prices have soared 17 percent this month as day
after day of hot dry weather persists in the heart of the
Midwest, where Iowa and Illinois alone produce one-third of all
U.S. corn and soybeans. ( this data is from last month…. it has worsened since this article)

Crop scouts on the five-day MDA EarthSat July Crop Tour did not stop to inspect the fields because crops were so poor it was assumed that farmers will plow them under and, if they have it, collect crop insurance.


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12 thoughts on “SEED PIMP

  1. If I lived in a climate that was more condusive to raising corn I would take you up on your offer. As it is, I’ve been trying to stockpile some painted mountain corn that was developed for colder climates, but, man, is it expensive.
    IMO, seeds will be worth more than their weight in gold. You’re smart to stockpile seed. I have a big tub full of all kinds of seed and I plan on buying more.
    Miss Violet

  2. Corn prices are already going up. Deer corn on news last week jumped $2.50/bag. a friend that owns a couple of gas stores said that his deer corn supplier says by early next year, bags of deer corn (40lb/bag) will be in the mid $20’s/bag if not higher..

    This past weekend I was at Academy in Lufkin, Tx. They were sold out of it @ $12.50 a bag.

    The drought is much worse that what is being reported. Harvest rates will be below the 50% yield mark. Soybeans, wheat sorghum & rye will also be severely impacted by the drought.

  3. By what I hear…everything that is affected by grain production is gonna go thru the roof….soon. That means the “snowball” effect will happen. From the grower to the consumer. Food prices are gonna increase. Is hording gonna happen, IMHO yep. Them don’t have it, will want it.
    Papa Mike

  4. Ya know, I’ve been saying for years that the person who can grow food with saved seed is going to be pretty popular one day. Looks like that day is coming quickly. Bill, you’re doing the right thing.

  5. been buying seed from local food co-ops and farmers markets; such as locally grown corn and bean types

    trust your local small farmers because they plant good stuff to harvest later on….

  6. i emailed you at the address in the blog post. obviously the powers that be are not interested in allowing me to communicate with you about your corn seed source. if you care to contact me with info on where to source that corn from, id be obliged. peace

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